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The full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine and the essential elements of the faith are presented, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life.

Religion & Spirituality
January 19
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
United States Conf. of Catholic Bishops

Customer Reviews

fmsweets ,

Review For The Book Itself - Not Downloaded

I have a soft cover of this book, and it has proven invaluable to me and my family.

It's easy to read, to use, and understand. A great addition to any library.

While I do have a physical and downloaded version, both would be useful for your home and online library.

Sewcrafty12000 ,

Save your money

I puchased this app and payed the $10.00 in good faith but the app never downloaded, yet I was charged the ten dollars and when I go to this site, it says that it downloaded. It is not on my iPhone. If you want a catechism, there is a free app called Laudate - #1 free Catholic App. It contains not only a cateshism, but Roman Missile changes, Rosary and chaplet, Stations of the Cross, Prayers Catholic Media and a New American Bible to name a few. I can say from experience that the Laudate does work and it contains the cateshism so save your money on this one and get the free one that works. Unlike Doc from Texas I wasn't even asked for a password, the book just wasn't delivered.

g.olwell ,

Not an app

To those who cant find this BOOK look in the ibook app.

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