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Here from the bestselling female fighting author Ariadne Vice are three stories guaranteed to get you reading one handed. Any catfight fan needs these short stories for those dull moments standing in line, stuck on a commute, or to relax with while having a drink. 

"Bring Your Own Girl (BYOG)": When I was given the flyer, I couldn't believe it. I would get paid cash for bringing my girlfriend to an all-girl cage fight at the local strip club? Even if she lost? Surely I'd never convince Miranda to go along with this. 

Or could I? 

"Coming To A Finish": I know it's wrong. But there's nothing that gets me hotter than seeing a couple half naked girls fight it out. While a call girl sees to my needs. And yes, I'm a woman. 

Women are allowed to like catfights... aren't they? 

"Knocked Out Knockouts": I can't lose. That's what I tell myself. Of course, my coach (who may as well be my mother for all that she does for me) always tells me to be careful. 

And I'll have to be, because I'm fighting my former crush for the championship of the All Girls Fight Club. 

The odds are against me, but I know I'll win. I'll do it for me. I'll do it for the paying audience. I'll even do it for my opponent, who loves a little pain. But mostly I'll do it for coach -- because she's dying. 

NB: All stories contain sexy fight scenes between strong-willed, sultry vixens who want nothing more than to slug it out for your viewing pleasure.

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May 8
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