Cauldrons and Confessions

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Warlock Malina MacGregor has made some questionable choices in her life — like accidentally hooking up with a demon in Las Vegas. She’s ready to put all of it in the past… until demon Dar Lahey, seeking payback, finds her and stirs up forbidden desires. Full of mischief, laughter, and love! (BookBub)

Magic, Mischief and Kilts! A modern-day Scottish paranormal romance by NYT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow.

Malina MacGregor is more than just a delicate flower in need of manly protection, but you wouldn’t know it by the slew of male family members who show up anytime she tries to go on a date. She's a powerful warlock in her own right, if only they would let her prove herself.

Fine, sure, she’s made some poor choices in men in the past—like the demon she mistakenly hooked up with in Las Vegas years ago. But that was then, and this is now, and she more than made up for that mistake. 

Darragh “Dar” Lahey may be a luck demon, but his luck ran out the night he met the magic-wielding temptress—Malina. Now he’s back, and he has an ax to grind. Malina needs to pay for what she did to him, and the supernatural attacks he’s firing at her magical family is just the beginning. There is only one hitch in his plans for revenge—even after all this time the stubborn woman can still make his heart ache with love, and his body burn with need.

From the Highlands of Scotland to the valleys of Wisconsin... Book Four of the Warlocks MacGregor® series by NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow.

"What can I say? Michelle M. Pillow always sucks you into her world and doesn't turn you loose until the last page! Once you read one of her books, you'll want them all. Highly Recommended!" Evangeline Anderson,, NYT & USAT Bestseller (2021)


About the Warlocks MacGregor® Series

People know magic is fake--card tricks and illusions, magicians and entertainers. But there is an older magick, a powerful force hidden from modern eyes, buried in folklore and myths, remembered by the few who practice the old ways and respect the lessons of past generations.

The term "warlock" is a variation on the Old English word waerloga, primarily used by the Scots. It meant traitor, monster or deceiver. This fiction-based family includes males and females of magick. The MacGregors do not agree with how history has labeled them, or other supernaturals. To them, warlock means magick, family, and immortality. This series is not a portrayal of modern-day witchcraft or those who hold such beliefs. The MacGregors are a magickal class all their own.

Contains yummy, hot, mischievous MacGregors who are almost certainly up to no good on their quest to find true love.

Praise For Cauldrons and Confessions

5 Stars! "This is a hilarious addition to the series. But this book had more drama and heart and soul." Mary Dean, book blogger and author, Bookbub (2021)

5 Stars! "As a Scot I've always hated books with Scottish characters in them as they always sound like a bad stereotype but these are some of the few exceptions! ... This clan is a hoot! I can neither confirm nor deny that some of these characters might be based on loony relatives of mine LOL! We don't do cavorting in the moonlight though - too damn cold here! Gimme more!!!" Nikki Brooks, Bookbub (2018)

Warlocks MacGregor® series:

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Cauldrons and Confessions

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March 28
The Raven Books LLC
Michelle M. Pillow

Customer Reviews

erica0798 ,

Good book

It was well worth the read. It was better than I expected. It was a good amount of romance and fantasy.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

7mamafoofoo3 ,


Dar was a Demi demon. Melina was a warlock. He could give luck, bad or good and she could cast spells. Their interesting, exciting, dangerous love transformed into a fun story about second chances from a very difficult situation.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Adrian7619 ,

The luck demon and the warlock

Dar and Malian were in love but didn’t tell each other about the respective heritages When Niall told her that Dar was a demon she makes him prove it. He does and she does something that breaks her heart. Dar comes after her 60 years later. He gives ghost leprechauns and other magical beings good luck. They cause chaos. Malina loves Dar but still but thinks he is evil. I love how uncle Raibert take Niall to task for thinking all demons are evil. Uncle Raibert is my favorite character in this series. Michelle M. Pillow knows how to write magical books that draws readers in.

I received a free copy of this book by a book sprout in a voluntarily leaving a review.

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