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There is nothing normal about a blood pressure that is too high. This is one of your body’s warning signs that something is wrong. If uncorrected, the damage to your heart and brain greatly increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Medications are usually thought of as the answer, but recent research suggests that blood pressure medications do nothing to protect your heart and brain. Worse, some blood pressure medications actually increase your risk of a stroke—the very thing you are trying to protect.

I have been publishing posts related to blood pressure for many years. This book puts all of this information in an organized format to help you understand what is happening to your body as well as how to improve your blood pressure numbers naturally.

Many of the topics discussed in this book may be new to you and may never have been brought up by your personal physician. Unfortunately, there is a veritable chasm between the medical research and what primary care doctors and cardiologists seem to share with their patients. The “standard” recommendations are usually decades behind the research I will be sharing with you. This is why every single comment is backed up by supporting medical research.

Each topic that I cover is supported by medical research with provided links so that you can read the original medical article that the post was centered around.

It is my hope that the concepts and ideas given in this book are going to help your understanding of your condition as well as help in improving your health as it relates to preventing and managing high blood pressure. There are many tools that can positively impact the health of your cardiovascular system.

In this book, you are going to learn:

1) The causes of high blood pressure.
2) Why using medications to manage blood pressure can actually worsen your health.
3) Supplements and lifestyle changes that can reduce blood pressure.
4) How blood pressure ties in with other diseases like migraines, stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Happy reading!

December 10
James Bogash, DC
Smashwords, Inc.

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No_gluten ,

Not a very good book

Most of this book is common sense, however I give author credit for a few points on High Blood Pressure, specifically in relation to the possibility that a person on medication to bring there BP into the "normal" range may not be the correct for him or her. That person may feel worse in the normal range on the drugs. Almost all the links are broke in the book and most lead back to his website with no more information than what is the book. Sorry Doc.

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