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This is a fully interactive study guide designed to help the user pass the Missouri 2019-2020 CDL Commercial Driver’s License Exam with as little pain as possible.

The technique is as old as Socrates.     Just read a few pages and take a short quiz. When you have covered the material, take the practice quiz. Review any questions you missed and take the second practice quiz. Now you are ready to pass the CDL test.    

The CDL or Commercial Driver's License is your first step to making a great living as a commercial truck or bus driver. Step one is passing the CDL Commercial Drivers License General Knowledge Exam. The test is 50 questions with a minimum passing grade of 80%.       

Once you pass this first test, The state will give you a "learner's" permit. You are legal to drive as long as another CDL Commercial Driver is up in the cab with you.

While you are learning the skills you need to pass the "skills" or driver's test, you can go back to this guide and study your endorsements. As part of a CDL Commercial Driver's License you must pass several "mini" exams in the areas of hauling where you will make your living.                           

If, for example you decide to drive a big rig, you will need the "Air Brakes" and the "Combination" endorsements of the CDL Commercial Driver's License Exam. If you go on to pull double or even triple trailers, there is a 20 question test as well. Bus drivers will need a "passenger Transport" CDL Commercial Driver's license. In some cases, you may need to take several tests. For example, If you wish to drive a cement truck, you will need your CDL Commercial Driver's General Knowledge Exam, the "Tank endorsement" and the "Air Brakes" endorsement. It may seem a little confusing at first, and maybe a little difficult, but fear not, this guide contains all of the new learning techniques built into our learning software. We know you love trucks and we used all of the tools available to us to make this interactive CDL Commercial Driver's License guide easy and fun.   With over a thousand Hyperlinks, Videos, Pop-Overs and Media this interactive guide is a simple and easy way to get high scores on your   CDL Commercial Driver's License as well as all of the Endorsements.                                             

This CDL Commercial Driver's License guide includes interactive learning modules on:                           

The Missouri CDL General Knowledge Commercial Driver's License Exam

Missouri Air Brakes Endorsement CDL Commercial Driver's License

Missouri Combination Tractor Trailers, Endorsement CDL Commercial Driver's License

Missouri Commercial Passenger Transport (Buses) Endorsement CDL Commercial Driver's License,

Missouri School Buses Endorsement CDL Commercial Driver's License    

Missouri Tank Truck Endorsement CDL Commercial Driver's License    

Missouri Commercial Bus Driver Endorsement CDL Commercial Driver's

Missouri Drivers Skills Exam

August 21
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Customer Reviews

Whitish red taco ,

Not perfect

The literature is good. My problem is with the quiz questions. For instance: 2.4 the answer should be A&B but it tells you your wrong, you tap more info and it contradicts itself. 2.5 doesn’t make since, your not even supposed to leave with a mismatched tire but then your supposed to add it to your post trip report( tricky question). 2.7 is just another dumb question. 2.49 refers to backing a truck, A says back to the drivers side, B says back to the driver’s left side. It’s the same thing! The left is the drivers side! But one of these answers is wrong! This book is wonderful how it has videos and quiz’s but I’m second guessing if it’s going lead me to success now. I’ve not even made it past chapter 2 and I’m finding these mistakes. Please go through your quiz questions and this book would be worthy of a 5 star rating.

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