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Apply Your Business Knowledge to the Business of Parenting


When your child becomes an adult, will they thank you for how you raised them?

Successful entrepreneur and businessman, Chris Efessiou, found himself facing his greatest challenge when his marriage ended, and he was left to raise a seven-year-old daughter on his own. With no manual, Chris stuck with what he knew and discovered that the same skills critical to success as a business leader, seamlessly transfered to parenting.

CDO - Chief Daddy Officer shares Chris’ discovery on how the principals essential in building team unity; communication, and productivity, are the key towards building a prosperous business and a loving family.

Two things that make this book a one of a kind read:

1.    CDO is a comprehensive blueprint which illustrates how to achieve success at home, using textbook business tactics.

2.    Provides tools, tips and advice for today’s working parents, and demonstrates how to transfer business skills to the business of parenting.


Who says there is no manual for raising children? 

This book is a guide for any parent struggling to balance career and family.

In a world of entitlement and increasing dependence, CDO Chief Daddy Officer demonstrates how to teach and inspire children to listen, understand, adapt, be accountable, self-sufficient and believe in themselves enough to know how to succeed by following their inner sense of integrity.

“Being professionally ambitious and a loving, emotionally available parent are not mutually exclusive, because one costs the other nothing!” emphasizes the author.  CDO Chief Daddy Officer clearly defines the fundamentals of solid leadership critical in both arenas.

Use the lessons of this highly successful CEO who overcame significant obstacles with humor, integrity and confidence, and balanced his life by applying the principles that guided him at work to raising his daughter.

September 28
Advantage Media Group
Advantage Media Group