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Meet Cedric, a little boy shark who loves adventures and playing with his friends. Cedric loves candy, lollies and toffees, but what happens when he gets greedy? Can his friend Billy the sea lion help him out? A visit to Mary puts things right and Cedric learns a lesson.

All Kay Carter's pre-school picture books contain the magical story world of cartoon friends and their adventures while growing up. A favourite Bedtime Story for children and adults alike.

Suited to ages 3-5 years old but will often remain a favorite once children start reading for themselves. Scroll back up and add to cart today!

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February 13
Kay Carter Bedtime Stories For Children
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Customer Reviews

jodang ,

Great rhymes, great lesson

The author has a gift for rhymes! This is a fun read, it’s like I’m singing as I read this to my nieces. It helps put them down for nap time within 10 minutes of reading and re-reading a few times.

marsal2019 ,


My son & I love this story. We read it almost every night. The rhyming keeps him entertained.

i love ibooks ,

Sharks r so weird

One upon a time there was a shark his name was Daryen this shark was friendly not like the others people were swimming in the ocean and Daryen came up and said my name is Daryen pleased to meat u I'm not like the others I don't eat people I play with them. Daryen said do u want a ride to the shore sweetheart she said ok and she went back to shore on the shark and her mom flipped out she said u r grounded ur not aloud back to the ocean while ur under my roof.🦈🦈

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