Celebrating Nature on the Seven Continents: A Photographic Journey Around the World

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"Celebrating Nature on the Seven Continents: A Photographic Journey Around the World" takes readers on a stunning journey to experience the beauty of nature and wildlife. Written by Sunil and Vani, a nature and wildlife enthusiast couple, the book features hundreds of breathtaking images and personal stories from their travels through rainforests, savannahs, deserts, the Arctic tundra, and the pristine wilderness of Antarctica.
Sunil, who as a teenager viewed the world through his camera lens with his first prized possession - Zenit TTL, a 35mm film SLR camera made in the USSR, shares his passion for wildlife and photography with readers. Vani, inspired by Jane Goodall's work, meticulously researched and planned this journey to fragile habitats to better understand the wild.
Their journey begins in Alaska and takes them across both the Arctic and Antarctic circles before ending in the southernmost national park of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. Along the way, Sunil and Vani carry two camera backpacks and a few sets of clothes, savoring the unexpected moments and experiencing a deep humility in the face of nature's splendor.
In addition to providing breathtaking images and personal stories, the book also offers practical information on researching destinations, packing for a variety of climates and destinations, photography gear and tips, and the logistics of planning a journey around the world. It is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring our planet's rich and colorful biodiversity.

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January 6
Sunil Singh
Sunil Singh

Customer Reviews

Gramzi ,

Spectacular photos & places!

Wonderful work of photo art and travel tips, plus camera/photo information. Their stories of close encounters with the animals makes it a fun read. A must read if you are planning an adventure into the remote places of the world. Or if you are a bird lover! So many beautiful birds are portrayed in this book, their colors are astonishing. Makes me want to take up birdwatching!

NewNewEnglander ,

Eminently readable book!

The authors provide details that every photography enthusiast would seek before embarking on worldwide photo adventures. Sunil shares specifics about the logistics, the detailed planning and the execution of each of their adventures across the globe. The level of info he presents about the gear he carried, the attention one needs to pay for protecting life and limb and gear are pertinent. The prose is suchint and their adventures are sometimes not for the faint hearted! Highly recommended. Kudos on the effort, Vani and Sunil!

Pankaj Sharma - California ,

An exceptional journey of wildlife visuals

This book is a stunning visual treat of wildlife in their natural habitats. It is filled with fabulous photographs, interesting anecdotes, and helpful information on researching destinations, packing, planning logistics, and photography tips. A must-read for any travel, nature, or animal enthusiast, it is an exceptional presentation of the thriving diversity on this planet and clearly a work of love and passion for both nature and photography. Thank you, Vani and Sunil.