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What do you think is common between George Washington and the Buddha, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale………

**Now available also in Portuguese and Spanish**

That they were great leaders?

True. But did you know that they were also all introverts?

From Prasenjeet Kumar, the #1 best-selling author, comes an outstanding collection of uplifting stories of the greatest leaders of all times that have used their powers of introversion to rewrite History.

But hold a second.

Can Introverts really lead? And if yes, can they just lead, as any imbecile hereditary heir to the throne is expected to, or provide legendary leadership?

* Historically, introverts have NOT only been successful as leaders but ultra-successful! And most of them are so extremely well-known that you will be surprised.

* More importantly, they succeeded not because they could overcome their introversion, BUT because of their introversion.

* Introverts have been successful in supposedly all extroverted fields of leadership be it military, politics, academics, or religion. Some led their troops into the battlefield while others led quietly, non-violently or passively.

So what has made these introverted leaders so successful?

* That they had a rich vision or imagination.

* Next, these leaders took small but concrete steps to realise their vision.

* Third that they had an analytical mind. They took the time to think, plan and act decisively.

* And finally, they led more by action and example than by words.

So, ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to immerse yourselves into legendary tales of courage and valour shown by quiet, shy and sensitive men and women from all around the world.

You will read how these quiet leaders faced the biggest challenges and threats of their lives and how they rose from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix bird but quietly.

Like a ‘Quiet Phoenix’, as this series of books is called.

This book is for YOU:

* If you are an introvert who wants to understand how introverted leaders could lead so effectively;

* If you want to improve your self-esteem;

* If you are an extrovert who feels that introverts just can’t lead;

* If you want to understand leadership qualities or traits in general; or

* If you simply love reading uplifting stories of courage and valour.

So what are You Waiting For?

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September 23
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