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Dealing with the dead is murder…


Psychic Celeste Kain has two things on her mind, relaxing for a week in Florida with her husband, John, and making a baby. But a fishing trip turns her vacation into a nightmare when she reels in the body of a dead boat captain and accidentally unleashes an evil ghost who has one thing on his mind…revenge.

As the dead boat captain haunts Celeste, she looks deeper into his past and discovers that his murderer had done the world a favor. The ghost tormenting Celeste doesn’t see it that way and will go to any length to avenge his death. If Celeste won’t give him what he wants, he will take over her body and use her as a weapon…to kill her husband.

June 25
Kristine Mason
Kristine Thompson

Customer Reviews

Cynthia0o ,

This certainly got creepy a few times throughout the book.

This certainly got creepy a few times throughout the book. Poor Celeste had to deal with an evil ghost this time around and the amount of stress that added to her marriage was pretty high.

First off I want to say I absolutely loved that the author brought Celeste and John to Florida to the ATL Core group. For those that don’t know that’s a separate series within the Core world. Celeste’s gifts mixed with the rag tag group were just perfect being as they are all unique themselves.

I could not imagine going through that Celeste does. She out fishing on a boat and catches a fishing net and all it takes is her touching it and seeing how the person associated with it died to have him then haunting her and making her life a living hell all for his vengeance.

Celeste usually only deals with helping those who have been murdered to bring their story and murderer to justice. This was the first time she had to deal with a ghost who isn’t worthy of helping and even has the ability to take over her body and tries to make her do awful things.

I can safely say I love everything that Kristine writes. Each of these CORE series and characters all were set apart but yet close in many ways but usually stayed within their own series. I love that she is now mixing them all together. When I first saw the cover to this book I didn’t know what to make of it but once you read it, it’s perfect for describing the book.

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