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What grotesque surprises will you find in the secret place between the shadow and the soul? 

In her debut short story collection, M.J. Pack offers up a new breed of terror sure to delight any true horror fan. Don’t miss out on tales of telepathic twins, a campfire ghost story gone terribly wrong, pills that induce life-threatening nightmares, and the disturbing new sideshow at Coney Island: Lady Alligator. Take a haunting trip down infamous Bubblehead Road and follow Danny around the country as he’s pursued by unseen (and unrelenting) creatures.

Prepare yourself, you’re about to indulge in some certain dark things...

M.J. Pack is Creepy Catalog’s horror writer who is currently haunting St. Louis. She loves found footage scary movies, the collective works of Stephen King, and things that go bump in the night.

Fiction & Literature
October 23
Thought Catalog Books
The Thought & Expression Co. LLC

Customer Reviews

Mjbdan ,

Certain Dark Things

What a great book of short stories. I chose it because of its great cover, but it exceeded my expectations. A delight to read, great ideas, short and to the frightening point. I look forward to more stories! Even King would love these.

Sean Seebach ,

A long awaited view into a fresh perspective

Some stories are meant to be told and you will find that all 22 stories in Certain Dark Things are not only worth telling, but are also meant to be experienced. I challenge you, curious reader, to endure the wonders of Pack's imagination. Her clear and concise style of writing will keep you focused on what's about to unfold.

Wild Ruby ,

Certain Dark Things by MJ Pack

Boy oh boy! Sorry I wasted my 5 bucks on this compilation of Stephen King wanna-be stories. MJ, u r not Stephen King. I found your stories childish, incomprehensible , and badly written. Seriously? I am sure u r a nice person but u need a new day job. Sorry.

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