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In this superb achievement by a master storyteller, a New York City police detective caught in a web of international terrorism and global intrigue becomes the central focus of an expertly told story that's so exciting it may actually make you sweat. 

Chain Reaction features scenes rich in gripping narrative, striking action and punchy dialog in a plot armed with superweapons and power-mad bad guys who rival or exceed any encountered in real life. This amazing thriller offers a feast of surprising twists and turns that suddenly appear with mind-boggling rapidity that make it a milestone in the annals of thriller fiction.

Carried along by a strong, clear and powerfully cinematic prose line that benefits from extremely accurate portrayals of all the elements of the cop's, spy's and soldiers' trades, Chain Reaction is top-notch writing and a great reading experience. The opening and closing chapters go off like a shock and awe campaign, and nothing in between gives readers enough time to even catch their breath. The cumulative effect of Chain Reaction is overwhelming in the sheer impact of the powerful prose and the slick, commercial, though uniquely original plot and style.

The action scenes in Paris and Venice are gripping and move faster than greased lightning, giving the impression that Alexander knows every back street, hidden ally and public square, every public monument and off-the-beaten-path corner of these European cities, and also knows just which elements to use in his masterfully conceived and boldly executed plot. 

The dark narrative tapestry of Chain Reaction also places this thriller squarely amid the select ranks of classic hardboiled fiction. This is a contemporary thriller, though, and one in which Alexander manages to mix successfully an intricate plot with exotic locales, a considerable amount of action, and solid characters. Chain reaction is a thriller fan's dream; exciting, involving, thought-provoking.

All in all, a first-class tale of intrigue by one of the top authors in the field.

David Alexander is one of those rare authors who can write fiction that has the power to relentlessly carry the reader onward, and who can blend a wit and humor as sharp and cutting as a samurai sword and combine it with in-depth analysis and the deft touch of a master technician. 

David Alexander's superb thriller Chain Reaction is more than a great read, it's an awesome experience that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats, addictive adventure writing at its boldest and brightest  -- the stuff from which great thrillers are made.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 15
Triumvirate International Publications
Lawrence Herskovits

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