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Sexy. Powerful. Lethal.

William Bosworth is one of the billionaire elites who rule Las Vegas with an iron fist.

When I helped the powerful billionaire William Bosworth, after he’d received a severe beating one night in a back street of Las Vegas three years ago, I did not expect my life to turn out this way—becoming a pet to the influential man who makes my heart ache for him, who not only sees me as his plaything, but as someone who is special to him, someone who loves him unconditionally.

My name is Savannah White, and I was sold as a pet, a sex toy, by my stepmother to the highest bidder in order to pay off her gambling debt. William Bosworth is that highest bidder. He is now my master, and I must obey his every command—be it outside or inside the bedroom, behind closed doors where his show of adoration makes me burn for more.

This is our story.

Note this is a full-length novel and will contain both Chained by Love Vol. 1 and 2.

March 11
Alexia Praks Media
Alexia Praks

Customer Reviews

r3adetg1rl ,

Not bad

All in all it wasn’t a bad book. The story line I general was ok, however it could have used some more editing. It felt like the writer couldn’t decide between American dialect and some note British feeling dialect, so parts came out a bit awkward.

JoannaLola ,

Running to the store for chapstick..

I’m going to preface this by saying I am not a picky reader but there were multiple moments when I wanted to abandon this book. In fact I only held on because the intro teases something dark and ominous and I was curious as to what it was.

*Spoiler alert you’ll be kept on the hook until you buy the second installment. *

Which I will not be doing. I wouldn’t even read it if you paid me because while the storyline is half there, character development isn’t and the writing is super repetitive. Savannah “licks her lips” OVER FIFTY TIMES and the author makes sure to describe it each and every time in exactly the same way. This went from being a cute nervous tick to what appears to be a full on compulsion and I don’t particularly want to imagine the heroine as Lizard Girl. The author could have expressed nervousness or discomfort in a million ways; fidgeting, playing with hair, avoiding eye contact. But alas.

If you make it past the lip-licking you’ll get to the “Hms”. Fifteen chapters in the author who didn’t use “hm” once starts using it every couple of pages (I lost count as I was nearing a dozen).

I’d give this book a hard pass. Even with a revisit from an editor it was unfocused and unoriginal.

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