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About six-thirty Aiden locked his door and drove his car finding Tenth Street easily enough. A few minutes to seven he parked in the lot across from the bar. When he got out and started to make his way across the street, he glanced up at the bright neon light blinking the name Kelly’s.
When Aiden entered the noisy bar, filled with an all-male population and loud music, he realized the bar was frequented by gays. This was all right with Aiden because he would fit right in. Aiden wondered at Clancy’s preferences since he had chosen a gay bar to meet him for the drink.
He looked around the room trying to find Clancy, but he didn’t see him among the crowd. Aiden claimed a booth and watched the door in case Clancy was running late. After a couple of beers, Aiden decided he’d been stood up by his new friend and started to leave when he bumped into someone hurrying inside the side entrance.
“Hey, where you going?” Clancy spoke up sounding out of breath.
“I thought you weren’t going to make it and I planned on leaving.”
“Let’s go back in and I’ll buy you a drink,” Clancy offered.
Aiden nodded and walked with Clancy to the booth he had just vacated. After ordering drinks, Clancy looked toward the bar and lifted his hand waving at two men across the room.
“I have a confession to make,” Clancy told him, lifting his beer and swallowing the brown liquid. “I stood outside and looked in the window to find out how you’d accept Kelly’s atmosphere. Now that I see, I must have been right about you.”
Aiden knew what he meant. He was checking to see if he was gay before he joined him. “And what about you?” Aiden had to ask hoping this wasn’t some kind of trick Clancy was playing on him.
“I feel the same as you,” Clancy finally admitted, his blue eyes looking bluer with his excitement. “When I first saw you walk into the classroom, some instinct kicked in, but I had to make sure by inviting you to Kelly’s. As I watched you earlier outside the window, you didn’t seem out of place and were comfortable with your surroundings.”
“You could have just asked,” Aiden laughed over Clancy’s wording. “I’m also into bondage and discipline, so if you aren’t, I’ll understand.”
“Yes, I could have asked, but I wanted to be sure. I’m into most everything. I can’t believe I found you so quickly and you have the same interests as I do.”
Aiden felt his pulse accelerate over the prospect of finding a partner so easily. It had been a while since he had been with anyone and now couldn’t wait for it to happen with Clancy. In fact, the trucker was the last intimate contact he had enjoyed and needed some attention now.
“How about heading over to my place after we finish our drinks? It’s more private there,” Clancy invited, already shoving some bills on the table for a tip. “I have just the leather belt I plan to use on you.”
“That sounds like a good time,” Aiden finished his drink and waited almost impatiently while Clancy downed his.

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April 7
Mary Suzanne
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