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In her debut novel, Rose loses her shorts - stories, that is - to explore the dank and dripping cobwebs of the darkest corners of her HSDD/HSDS (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder / Syndrome) mind in search of the source of her deviation from "normal."
Led involuntarily down the many paths of deviancy in search for her real world sexy beast within - which was stolen from her years ago - each chapter pushes the limits of social norm, attempting to flush out the key to unlock her once normal sexy self.
Sorry, still can't do it - writing about myself in the third person sucks, so unfortunately you have me. Hi, I'm Rose. You may remember me from such delightful titles as Rose Garden and that growing pile of short story collections from Raindrops on Roses to Climbing Rose. (Eh, so not all my jokes work.)

Chains is a sordid series of topics for me to seek out new worlds, new civilization - to boldly go where no... oops, sorry, avoiding what I did in this novel. Because to hell if I didn't do just about everyone and anything I could think of - in every manner possible - that might have kicked off my HSDS and could actually be a sexual aversion and therefore a repression preventing me from expressing my own sexuality (yes, to my real-life self).

I can't really give you a list of the squicks and deviant acts I perform without giving away important twists and turns this book takes us down. I can say, it was illuminating to see my own growth and change throughout, sometimes in the face of a night in a hotel watching internet porn.

I can say I'm sort of proud that I could do it. Yes, that it. Hell, that "it" too, because darn it all if I didn't buck my trend and freaking swallow. Every time. And up every port. With multiple... well, you get the idea.

If you happen to have a flavor-of-the-month squick I missed, that could potentially lead to my blocking it out, unremembered, lingering as a hole where my lost sexuality used to live, please let me know. Well, after you read the book, of course, because I tried pretty hard to dabble in almost everything from bondage to butt-plug, incest to injury, and humiliation galore.

Thanks for taking the time to get all weirded out with me. And, uh, trust me, I do mean *with* me, because it's a journey we'll be taking together. Because you never know where you'll discover your chain.

*Warning: This book may contain violence (duh!) and forced sex, drug use, a severe lack of clothing in every situation, and many non-mainstream sexual acts. It is not your light and airy typical cuddle with a loved one naked under the covers while you read it on a dark and stormy night (or spread out on a blanket under the sparkling summer sun, atop a grassy knoll, attempting not to roast your tender bits by accidentally leaving them exposed too long - see? Being a three-minute girl has it's benefits). So if you're expecting a fun romp in the hay with me, only this time I go bareback, you might be a little shocked. Trust me, this is dark - the cover image was taken on purpose after putting me through the needed punishment to get it. Yes. So don't say you weren't warned.
**Happy Neutering of the Hyperlinks Day! Contrary to all the notes otherwise, book editions released on or after October 31, 2018 have fully functioning hyperlinks in all versions of the book (well, except the "Web Browser" versions, and that's not my fault); but epub away folks! You can now join the rest of us in jetting to-and-fro through Chains. Thanks for your patience.

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January 8
Rose Maru
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