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The complete beginners guide for understanding the art behind healing your chakras.

Inside of all living things you will find the seven divine chakras. These are centers of energy, and with the right knowledge, they can have life changing effects. But in order to unlock the full effects of our chakras, one must first learn how to heal and maintain them.
That's where Chakras for Beginners comes in. In this book, we will cover all of the different techniques that can be used to heal our chakras, and once we have done so, we can use their power to better our lives.

Start your journey to spiritual enlightenment and holistic wellbeing.

With the healing of our chakras comes the healing of a whole variety of physical ailments and psychological hurdles. By stepping on this path, you are unlocking the ability to heal headaches, allergies, chronic pain, fatigue, and bowel issues; you'll also have the ability to combat psychological burdens like anxiety and insomnia. 

Chakras for Beginners features:
●    Beginner-friendly content: Find plain English explanations, simple instructions, and advice from self-taught experts and lifelong gurus alike.
●    A large variety of techniques: Every technique used to heal, balance, and make use of your chakras is within this book. Why? Because not everything works for everyone.
●    Details that big pharma doesn't want you to know: Find all the secrets and forgotten information that have been lost to the western world for centuries. Rediscover ancient traditions and divine methods of healing that practitioners of modern medicine fear.
●    All the information you could ever need: Get all the details, explanations, science, and history behind chakras and their use throughout the ages. From ancient times to the modern day, explore chakras in all their glory, and become an expert yourself with this wealth of knowledge.

What are you waiting for? Start healing your chakras now, and watch your life improve!

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May 8
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