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One woman. Two men. One meddling small town.

Raised by her older sister in the small town of Blueberry Springs, all Beth Wilkinson wants is to create a family so big she’ll never be alone. Things are going great until her fiancé, Oz, rethinks everything from his own career to their nuptial plans—forcing Beth to do the same.

As Beth works to rediscover herself in hopes of reattracting Oz, she catches the eye of the charming new city doctor, Nash. Not only does he see her as she’d like to be seen, but he knows exactly what he wants from life—and that includes Beth.

Torn between the two men, as well as two versions of herself, Beth discovers that love and dreams are much more complicated than they seem.

A sweet romance with over half a million downloads that will have readers wondering who Beth should choose.

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March 8
Oram Productions
Oram Productions

Customer Reviews

Not enough books ,

Champagne and lemon drops

A fun read. Lots of action that kept the reader wondering - what' next?

DocH2007 ,

"He's only hurting you because he loves you..."

...says every abuse denier.

This is the second Jean Oram novel I have attempted to read, and this is far worse than the first. Not only is her ability to belabor a conflict consistent, this novel also adds the theme of emotional abuse, enabling of the abuse, and judgment of the abused. And if you are at all inclined to think women have the strength and fortitude to walk away from toxicity, and SHOULD walk away, this novel will piss you off as much as it did me.

The entire storyline revolves around a "manly man" who strings his (ex) fiancé along under the piss poor excuse of "finding" himself (at the bottom of the bottle), and effectively and repeatedly self-destructing *because* she tries to move on while the entire town blames HER for his behavior.

This isn't a story of a woman finding herself, or a relationship that struggles before coming out stronger on the other side (spoiler alert, she marries the abusive drunk according to the previous story I read), it's about the perpetual toxicity of societal acceptance that women are weak and abuse should be ignored, the biological clock should take precedence over independence, and if faced with the decision between a kind though slightly uptight gentleman or a set of thick thighs and broad shoulders and a love for emotional manipulation and alcohol, moving forward as a single woman is never a third option.

Hrhcole ,


I liked the premise, but none of the characters were likable. It just didn’t work.

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