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The last thing I’m looking for is a guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan. But after my ex sent my heart through a wood chipper, I need a minute.

Which is why Levi is such a problem.

When the smokeshow walks into my party, there’s no avoiding him. He looks at me like I’m a juicy, rare steak, and he hasn’t had a meal in a week. 

Pretty sure he’ll devour me. All I have to do is give him permission.

We’re from different worlds—he’s leather jackets and motorcycles, and I’m a trust fund kid hailing from the Upper East—but that’s not our biggest problem.

I’m pretty sure he has a secret.

A secret that could bring down my entire world.

I wasn’t looking for a guy, but the guy found me.

And neither my heart nor my secrets are safe.

*Previously titled Fool Me Once

July 14
Staci Hart Novels
Staci Brillhart

Customer Reviews

Goodmca ,

What a Gem!

4.5 STARS!

This book was so unexpected! Stella and Levi's upbringings could not be more different, but as we dug deeper into their lives we also find how well they fit together because of it and in spite of it. Stella is this book, she is Star Bright, she is sunshine she collects her friends and makes them into her family. You can't help to fall in love with her.

Levi is just such broody and rough hero, who we all know make the best kind of heroes. The cast of side characters is absolutely incredible, and I really hope we get stories for each of them. Fingers crossed!

It looks like there will be an underlying story line that will weave through out the series, and I am totally here for it! I will be snatching up each next book in the series to find out the 'secret'!

mpatane5 ,


4.5 Magical Stars. The chemistry between Stella and Levi is electric. Their journey is not is filled with betrayal as well as twists and turns. I adored the supporting cast, they all add to the storyline. You’ll be hooked from beginning to end. Absolutely worth the read!

itsgoindown_06 ,

Love the Gastby-Esque feel

Staci Hart has done it again with this book! She has managed to pull you in and not let go until the end! Stella and Levi have a loyalty and deep connection to each other that you can’t help but swoon at. I love the Gatsby-esque feel of this book. While the extravagant parties and the no strings attached arrangement is fun, this story delves deeper than the surface and Levi and Stella find themselves in love. I can’t wait to continue to read because I know the underlying mystery plot is sure to blow all of our minds! I am here for all of it! 🙌🙌

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