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From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Michael James Ploof comes the 6th installment of the Epic Fantasy Saga Whill of Agora.

Whill has returned from the north crippled and defeated. His kingdom is quickly slipping out of his hands. Never one to be deterred, Whill begins plans to take the north once and for all and stop the necromancer’s reign of terror.

Roakore and his dwarves have struck a blow to the green dragon Reshikk. His son has awakened from his coma with a message from the gods, one that will usher in a new age.

Dirk and Krentz remain in Volnoss alongside the ancient Gretzen. She alone holds the key to their salvation.

Left to rule in her brother’s stead, Avriel struggles to juggle the responsibilities of her station, all the while harboring a secret that could threaten her claim to the throne.

Far to the north, the necromancer Zander plots the destruction of Agora. To the west, Reshikk the Green prepares the dragons for a great migration.

The gods are stirring, and they have chosen their champions.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 4
Michael James Ploof
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

~LauraAnne~ ,

Quite the epic!

I’ve really enjoyed the Will of Agora series thus far. Mr. Ploof has an excellent way of weaving in excitement, magic and just a touch of the romantic to make for a series that will interrupt your sleep for a good while. It’s tough to read just one chapter.

The characters are relatable and very realistic in their strengths and flaws.

I wasn’t sure how well the story line would be sustained for so many books so I’m happy to report it doesn’t drag or hastily tie off any ends.

Downloading the next one now. Can’t wait to see where we end up.

Hannah2014RIP ,

Champions of the Gods

Another epic book from Michael James Ploof. I have so enjoyed the series and have at times been crying, laughing, and biting my nails with anticipation!! MJP rocks!!!

Lord Smittybob ,

Champions of the Gods

The author doesn't disappoint in his latest book about Whill of Angora. Numerous plot twists, wry wit, genuine angst of a young man seeking to do the right thing in the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances and the uncanny ability of the author to describe fighting sequences realistically, makes for a read both mesmerizing and intoxicatingly enjoyable!

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