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<p>Chance For Love is the first short story collection from author Breana Kohr. Featuring ten tantalizing short stories of erotic temptation, romance and desire, the reader is treated to seven M/F couples&rsquo; stories and three stories with multiple partners. Allow Breana Kohr to tempt you with a variety of stimulating stories about bdsm, menage, and couple's erotica.&nbsp;</p><p>The End To Wifey&rsquo;s Jealousy</p><p>Helen has been insanely jealous of her sexy husband Daryl for years on end.&nbsp; He attracts all kinds of women , and now he has&nbsp; especially gained the attentions of&nbsp; his hot new secretary Nonique. Daryl proposes a solution. Helen will be tied up and sit and watch as Daryl has sex with his new secretary.</p><p>The Life My Master Allows Me</p><p>Cassie is a working mom who is a partner in a rising salon business. She seems to have the perfect suburban life, taking care of her baby and her adoring husband Louie. However, she has a kinky secret. She is also the sex slave of a mysterious and handsome stranger named Rio.</p><p>Whoops Looks Like We Wandered Into A Sex Club</p><p>Mark and Meryl decide to do something kinky and fun and go as &ldquo;lurkers&rdquo; to a new sex club. However, they are both alarmed when the emcee announces a new game: &ldquo;Roman Emperor,&rdquo; a new game where a man gets to survey the room and have his choice of any woman he wants.</p><p>A Second Chance For Love</p><p>Amanda has just gotten out of an abusive relationship and is taking dating very slowly. Her feelings change when she meets Richard, a long-time friend who always had a crush on her but never acted.</p><p>Sexy Alien Prison Breaks</p><p>Qualleps is a guard on a small independent planet in a far off galaxy. He likes to exercise his power over the rehabilitation process. Coincidentally, he is also a sucker for female aliens who wish nothing more than to bribe him with bizarre sex. This is a tale told by him and centers around three of his conquests.</p><p>The Greatest Test Of A Man&rsquo;s Love</p><p>Lisa is an indecisive and confused college student living in Florida. She is a heartbreaker, but only because she tells it like it is.&nbsp; She is torn between two equally dashing and handsome men, Matthias (a grand romantic) and Jake (a smooth charmer). As their competition for her affection grows uglier and more intense, she decides to put them both to the test.</p><p>The First Love Spell I Cast</p><p>Henry is a young and disillusioned man who has found solace after a lifetime of heartbreak in magic and sorcery. Most of his friends and acquaintances dismiss his magic tricks, except Vicki, the mother of his latest unrequited crush, Sarah. Henry remembers her kindness a few years later and casts a love spell on the newly widowed woman so that she won&rsquo;t be lonely anymore.</p><p>My Affair With An American Eccentric</p><p>Alena is a dark-haired beauty from the Czech Republic who is working in a retail store, supporting herself and taking creative writing classes in college. At the store, she meets a charming and slightly older man who becomes obsessed with her.</p><p>Meet And Ditch</p><p>James and Debbie are married and are trying to get the sparks to fly again. James seems bored and Debbie seems uninterested in sex altogether. They decide to flirt with danger by going to a nightclub, pretending not to know each other, and seeing what kind of propositions they get.</p><p>A Mermaid&rsquo;s Love</p><p>Willard is a man in love with the sea and dreams of quitting his job and finding a Moby Dick tale of his own. His fate hangs in the balance as he boat steers off course and he finds himself in uncharted territory. There, he meets something that defies all logic: a legendary mermaid creature!</p>

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April 17

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