Change to Win: How to Optimize or Transform Your Business to Deliver Positive Results

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Change is inevitable. Failure doesn't have to be. Change sparks opportunities when you strike the right balance between strategy, delivery, and culture.Change is not easy, but not changing can be fatal. Leaders and business owners who ignore it do so at their peril. In our fast-paced era of disruptive technology and environment, there’s no room for ego and no such thing as being “too big to fail.” The majority of the original Fortune 500 companies named in 1955 are not around today—fallen from their top rank, gone bankrupt, or merged with other companies. Who remains standing or emerges after the coming decade won’t be up to chance.It’s not about survival of the biggest—it’s survival of the nimblest. Only those companies who can adapt to the ever-changing landscape will escape extinction. Changing for the sake of change is meaningless without predefining a brighter vision. In Change to Win, award-winning business strategist and project/change management expert Rias Attar illuminates the three pillars of business growth, and shows you how your organization can succeed where other businesses have failed.You’ll learn:• Why disruption happens, and how to be ready for it • What your organization needs to do to act• How to pick the right tools and where to focus your energies• What sort of leaders you need at the helm and what corporate culture is best to position you for success• How much to invest in growth to build and retain a competitive advantage• How to spot opportunities in potential problemsBy adopting an action-oriented mindset and customer-centric approach, and leveraging proven innovative technologies, you can embrace change —all while building a healthy workplace culture, and delivering positive results. You can change to win.

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November 10
Rias Attar
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