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Barbara Barrett, http://www.barbarabarrettbooks.com, shapes the characters of her contemporary romances against the backdrop of their careers. In her new series, UnderWright Productions, she enters the world of TV production. Book 1 in the series, Don’t Toy with Me, introduced the series hero and heroine, former entertainment law attorney and executive producer Bart Underwood and management consultant turned producer, Jordan Wright, the creative force behind their venture. The two will continue to be involved in subsequent entries in the series as their love story evolves. Change Up, Book 2, features new lead characters as UnderWright Productions considers producing a second show.

In order to make partner in his entertainment law firm, Ryan Donahue must change up his life by accepting his boss’s assignment to oversee his investment in a cable TV show. Unemployed as a TV producer for several months, Ainsley Hilton changes up her circumstances by deciding to produce her own show. Ryan’s charge to exert his influence on her spending and Ainsley’s need for control must both change if the show is to survive.

Soft? His boss says he’s soft with clients? Entertainment attorney Ryan Donahue is simply more “in tune” with his clients’ needs than his resentful associates. But if he wants to make partner so he’ll be viewed as an equal amongst his medical family, he must suck up his pride and accept the assignment to represent the boss’s financial interests on a fledging TV production.

Unable to find another gig after the cancellation of her travel show, producer Ainsley Hilton uses her interior decorator sister’s apartment renovation project to cheer up a friend as the inspiration for her own show, “Change Up.” All she needs is financing. Her best bet is the head of a large entertainment law firm intent on broadening his investments. He’s not about to part with his money unless she agrees to his conditions, including the ongoing presence of his representative charged with monitoring every penny spent.

He begrudges his babysitting job. She detests his continual meddling in her decisions. Neither wants to like the other, let alone fall in love. But who can account for the heart when it finds its soul mate?

As with most of Barrett’s books, Change Up intertwines the characters’ family relations with their career issues. Since the death of her parents, Ainsley Hilton has seen herself as family head, but that’s not been so easy recently during several months of unemployment. Though her younger sister and brother occupy the duplex condo next door, which Ainsley bought and for which she charges no rent, the tables have turned and they’ve been taking care of her. The opportunity to produce her own show will not only give her work again, she will be able to resume her role leading the family. But is that necessary, now that her siblings have become independent adults.

Ryan Donahue, a middle child, with an older brother and sister and a younger brother, has always felt compelled to live up to his parents’ and other siblings’ achievements, but he’s different from them. They are all in medicine, he practices law. But he’s also more a people person, which his boss tells him has been holding him back from making partner. To reach that goal, he must toughen up.
Other books by Barrett include: And He Cooks Too, Driven to Matrimony, The Sleepover Clause, Seduction on Wheels, Keeping it Casual, Saved by the Salsa, Tough Enough to Tango, Not Your Mama’s Mambo, and Barefoot Bay: Paradise by Design, a novella.

She can also be found on Facebook, http://bit.ly/2aXZvG9, Twitter, twitter.com/bbarrettbooks and Pinterest, pinterest.com/barbarabarrett7.

Key words: hero seeking approbation, heroine starting over, TV production, interior design, interior decoration, LA scene, entertainment law, assisted technology for vehicles

September 20
Barbara Barrett
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