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One of the greatest tragedies in Life, is when love fails. Change Within started this way. This book would not have come about without my unwavering love and respect that I have for my wife Renee. I cherish her, but our journey together, set us on a path, that ultimately led us to a crossroads and there came a time that our great love was tested, then shattered and finally destroyed. Are you faced with similar trials in your marriage? Most of us do not realize the divine potential within us, to maximize the bliss we can share in our marriage together. This book is a source of inspiration and hope for all of you, written not only for couples who are separated or divorced, but for anyone who seeks to get closer to their mate, to restore and enhance the feelings you had for each other in the beginning. Who should read this book? Those who are interested in finding true love with their spouse again and discover something inside of you that is missing. For couples who are drifting apart, feel their marriage has lost it\'s glow and sense of intimacy with one another. Weather your marriage is totally out of \"Whack or you simply want to repair the quality time you shared so much when you were courting, I challenge you now, my dear reader, in the quiet moments of reflection, to ask yourself one question. Have you allowed God to open the door to your spouses heart? If you want to emulate Gods values in your marriage and are curious to know the gentle stirring of His grace, then read this book. If your willing, you can experience the truth of His Majestic healing of your two hearts, together. Embrace the Journey!

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March 6
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