Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25 Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25

Change Your Developing Mind for Real World Success

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A guide to the three-pound supercomputer in your head—with “valuable information” about how to keep it working well for a lifetime (School Library Journal).

The key to your future is in your head! The New York Times bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life has revolutionized the way people think about their brains and their health. Now Dr. Jesse Payne of the Amen Clinics brings the groundbreaking science of the Change Your Brain program to a whole new generation.

The brain is particularly malleable until age 25, which means that even more than your parents or teachers, you have the power to change your brain. And the things you do today—from what you eat to how you sleep to what you do for fun—can change your brain in drastic ways. This book provides a powerful program for avoiding common dangers and pitfalls that can jeopardize your future, and training your brain for a lifetime of success. Discover how to:

•Improve academic performance •Nurture creativity •Treat diagnoses like ADHD and depression •Enhance relationship skills •Increase organization •Improve memory •Boost mood •and more!

Featuring stories from real teens and young adults and actual brain scans showing the program’s effectiveness, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25 is perfect for young people, their parents, and the professionals who work with them.

“There is plenty of valuable information; perhaps the most important message, repeated often and in different ways, is that brain-related struggles are nothing to be ashamed of and are more common than we realize. The description of how brain scans vary based on substance use/abuse and how various parts of the brain function are fascinating.” —School Library Journal

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July 29
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