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Who will hunt the hunter?

Second chance romances aren't just for humans. Unstoppable demon hunter, Bennett is the first to dive into the fight. But he's also the first to admit that the strategy doesn't always go his way. Especially when it comes to the vampire that got away. Immortality comes at a price, and Adair will protect her way of life tooth and nail, as she has for the last five centuries.

When she meets the naïve, stubborn, careless... sweet, built, irresistible hunter? Is it possible for a vampire to die of a broken heart? 


   "You're not the naïve young hunter I used to know or the… whatever you've become these days." She really, really didn't want him to know what she actually thought of him. That ego was massive enough. "I'm still me. A vampire that can't help but torture her victims, and I've foolishly fixated my efforts on you."
   "Go back a step. What am I these days?" He rolled onto his side and teased his fingers at the hem of her shirt. Was he even listening?
   "You know." Her cheeks flamed red.
   "Maybe." Redder.
   "Broody and unstoppable, yet irresistible demon hunter?" He bit his lip and grinned, his gaze gleaming with pure ego.
   And for the first time in over five centuries, maybe ever, she giggled. Bubbling from deep in her belly and pinching her cheeks as the mirth flooded over her. "Maybe," she squeaked out.
   Flipping her underneath him, he trailed his lips along the curve of her jaw as she tried to calm the delirious giggle fit.


Dive into the action with Changed!

June 21
Thorny Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lisaduhaime ,

Adapt. Change. Love

I was asked to read to read changed. Realizing that I should also read six and wildest , I did so. I think it’s really important to read all 3 books. In doing so you are invited into their world from the start. You are not the outsider peeking in, you become invested. Demons,werewolves and vampires , I thought oh another story about them. We’ve had twilight,discovery of witches and now this. The thing is , I couldn’t put the trilogy down. Your writing captured me So much so that I read 3 books in 3 days!! I have been thinking long and hard how to review this. So here’s my review. The world can never have enough about the subject of different species. We are all different and we are all the same. A vampire could easily be a black person, a demon and Asian and a werewolf a special needs child. It all stands for what the world needs to hear. We are superficially different. We are internally the same. All wanting love. So to you, a super author You become a voice for all the wonderfully creative wonderfully unique and wonderfully imperfect people of our great planet. Thank you

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