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“Every generation has its hot-button issue,” writes David P. Gushee, “For us, it’s the LGBT issue.” In Changing Our Mind, Gushee takes the reader along his personal and theological journey as he changes his mind about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inclusion in the Church.

With 19 books to his name, Gushee is no stranger to the public arena. He is the author of the “Evangelical Declaration Against Torture” and drafted the “Evangelical Climate Initiative.  “For decades now, David Gushee has earned the reputation as America's leading evangelical ethicist. In this book, he admits that he has been wrong on the LGBT issue.” writes Brian D. McLaren, author and theologian. 

In the definitive third edition of this book, David Gushee issues a scholarly response to his critics.

 Brian D. McLaren says it best:

“Not only is David Gushee's work deep, thoughtful and brilliant; and not only is David philosophically and theologically careful and astute; he is also refreshingly clear and understandable by ‘common people’ who know neither philosophical nor theological mumbo jumbo.”

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May 29
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Customer Reviews

Mcballa ,

Don’t give your money to this book

I read this book in an attempt to better understand two dear friends of mine with whom I disagreed regarding this topic. They cited this book as a source for much of their reasoning, and out of respect for them I decided to read this book.

This book gives an honest and heartfelt argument with good intention. I did find it to have a lot of flawed arguments, however. Without launching into a long argument regarding specific points made in the book I will add what I think is a fair criticism. Emotional and non-biblical arguments, false analogies, and mischaracterizations of the opposing viewpoint run rampant in this book. There are many logical fallacies and false conclusions drawn from incomplete arguments, and the open but un-affirming stance is wildly mischaracterized when it is acknowledged.

This book has caused division among believers, and though it is a well-intentioned exploration of a more welcoming point of view, it ultimately fails to tell the truth about the issue. Radical love includes honest truth. I hope that every believer and non-believer can understand something greater about God’s character through this book, but I think it unlikely that this book is the best use of your time regarding pursuit of Christ. I regret having given my money to this cause by purchasing this book, and I hope one person thinking about doing the same decides against it having read this review.

Not worth reading if you feel you already know something about the issue from the affirmative position regarding the LGBTQ issue.

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