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The instant New York Times bestseller, now available in paperback and featuring a new afterword from the author—the insider's guide to the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, the inner workings of the tech world, and who really runs Silicon Valley “Incisive.... The most fun business book I have read this year.... Clearly there will be people who hate this book — which is probably one of the things that makes it such a great read.”
— Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times

Imagine a chimpanzee rampaging through a datacenter powering everything from Google to Facebook. Infrastructure engineers use a software version of this “chaos monkey” to test online services’ robustness—their ability to survive random failure and correct mistakes before they actually occur. Tech entrepreneurs are society’s chaos monkeys. One of Silicon Valley’s most audacious chaos monkeys is Antonio García Martínez.

After stints on Wall Street and as CEO of his own startup, García Martínez joined Facebook’s nascent advertising team. Forced out in the wake of an internal product war over the future of the company’s monetization strategy, García Martínez eventually landed at rival Twitter. In Chaos Monkeys, this gleeful contrarian unravels the chaotic evolution of social media and online marketing and reveals how it is invading our lives and shaping our future. 

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July 24
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pretty impressive so far

heard about this book because the author apparently got ceremoniously fired from apple... because of this book? well well, art can indeed influence life, then. let's celebrate that. so far, an engaging book with well-turned phrases. let's have another from this man. sometimes i would think, man, that's good writing. then on the following page you see it is a quote by daniel webster or adam smith et al. ha! bloody good trick!

update one: the book has me laughing out loud occasionally, provides some known not to me interesting anecdotes, and a more than occasional vocab word of note.

update two: “Andy Warhol was wrong. In the future, we wouldn’t all be famous for fifteen minutes; we’d be famous 24/7 to fifteen people.”

oh there's plenty of good stuff between uno et dos

update 3: the ibooks ui makes it too easy to mistakenly change the star rating. my star rating is not 1. where is a product manager when u need him?