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How do you politely refuse when the only guy to star in any of your dirty fantasies has just offered to put you up for the foreseeable future and your brother's just accepted like you were in fact still thirteen and couldn't make decisions for yourself? You don't. And, you end up with a roommate who wears a very good elegant mask over the rough and tumble, bad boy core I remember far too well.

Only, it's ten years later and I'm even nerdier than I used to be. It's ten years later and I couldn't look worse. It's ten years later and I can't keep one guy. It's ten years later and my brother still teases me mercilessly in front of him. It's ten years later and Kit somehow looks even better than the guy I spent my formative years crushing on.

So, there's not only the issue that he's my older brother's best friend, but also a sex-god this virgin can barely talk to. But that certainly never stopped me from drooling over him and it wouldn't stop me now. He's so far out of my league, I wouldn't even clean in his league.

Except, there might just be a smouldering heat in Kit's eyes that suggests he's not quite as out of my league as I thought. Just maybe, this geek is about to get a whole lot of chaos.


When I find out about my best mate's little sister's situation, the offer is out of my mouth before I can stop it; Hawk's like a brother to me even if Amber's never looked twice at me. I could never tell if she was scared of me or hated me. But the deal is done. She's going to bring her bedraggled self upstairs to my penthouse and live with me for as long as she needs.

I see the pain she hides away, I see the lack of confidence despite how smart she is, how good. If there's something I've learned, it's that confidence makes all the difference. So, it becomes my mission to help Amber find her confidence. But I find more than confidence in her and suddenly I'm seeing my best mate's little sister completely differently.

I've never known what to say to her. She's always been good and studious and sweet. She's always been so far out of my league I wouldn't even carry bags in that league. Her face is a mask that tells me nothing in between the sparse words that come out of her mouth.

Except, there might be something in the way she smiles at me that gives me hope I'm not as far out of her league as I thought. It might just be time that this chaos gets a little geek.

Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax.

January 31
Kinky Siren
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Nanpod ,

Cute read

This was a feel good book. There were a few errors (your instead of you’re type errors), but not so many to detract or distract me. I will buy the next book in the series.

Gourmet43 ,

Love it! Read this!

I love this story! The characters were relatable and endearing. Amber, our heroine, is strong, smart, and beautiful. She knows what she wants. She had to rebuild her confidence but I like it that she’s not ashamed to be nerdy. Intelligence in a woman is not a flaw. Chaos, our hero, is definitely alpha but compassionate. He’s protective but not overbearing. All supporting characters were good and I would definitely like to learn more about them.

Lexi&Caleb ,

Not well constructed

In general, I don’t think the story structure was well thought out. The author would often write in story threads or subplots that never really came to fruition. For instants at one point the male lead, Kit, mentions that the female lead, Amber, can redecorate his apartment. This is never revisited and it almost seems like the other forgot it happened.

***minor spoilers ahead***

Early on in the story Amber meet Nico, another member of the team. It’s alluded to that Nico might have a crush on Amber and Amber does find him attractive. It seems like that might be a love triangle but the author essentially forgets about this story thread and aside from a few mentions off the cuff it never develops into anything.

Honestly I find that a little disappointing because Nico was a better written character than Kit. Both he and Amber instantly hit it off and they had similar interests, I genuinely thought they had better chemistry than the main duo. Moreover what’s disappointing is that Amber never really says why she’s attracted to kit aside from him being generally a “good man” and physically attractive. I just don’t think the author went to much trouble defining his character and a consequence of that is the other members of the team are more likable because they have individual personalities even though they are kind of archetypal.

Lastly, I don’t think there was enough conflict and the stakes were not high enough. The only obstacle to Amber and Kit’s relationship was her brother’s disapproval. This is resolved in very little time and without Amber actually being there so it’s not really satisfying. A handful of times in his inner monologue Kit does seem to have a lack of self-worth which could have been a conflict but it fails to develop into anything. By the end of the book, it barely feels like they had to fight for their relationship, so it’s not really rewarding to the reader.

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