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When Kira’s father, the village elder, suddenly comes down with a mysterious illness, she and her younger sister Kaya are forced to embark on a dangerous journey to find a cure. Little do they know, however, that their paths are about to cross with an ancient family of powerful gods who have just arrived on Earth. More alarming still, the gods are about to take a strong interest in the sisters and their exceptional abilities, whisking them away to their home world Tython for closer study.

At first the new alien world seems amazing and vibrant, but a sinister movement is growing under the rule of the gods, one that threatens to shake the very foundation of their galactic empire. Can the sisters explore their new-found surroundings without getting pulled into the growing civil unrest, or will they become pawns in an unforeseen game of power and deception?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 7
Robert Thrumston
Robert Thrumston III

Customer Reviews

Nakwartz ,


I love this book have read it over and over, but I feel there is more to come please continue let's know how it's ends the suspended is killing me

illogicallyovercome ,

Good Read

I just finished this book this last week and can't wait for the next installment. First off, I love the mix of tribal community life with SciFi action. The two main characters were given enough facetime to really allow the reader the chance to become committed to them and the movement was fast enough to keep me coming back for more.

There were a few places where a good editor would have made a nice difference, with missplaced words (spelled correctly) should have been caught before release. With that said, for a person who does not write full time in their current profession, this was very well done. Like I said at the beginning, I can't wait for the next installment.

Whaler Sailor ,

Chariots of Heavan

I really really liked this book.

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