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Know How to Be Charismatic

What is it about those folks who simply have it all - looks, money, power, but most importantly...the ability to influence, persuade, and lead other people. What is this factor that draws others in and gets them to follow these natural leaders with undying loyalty and enthusiasm to the very end...because nobody can achieve success alone.

It's certainly does seem like an otherworldly magical quality, doesn't it?

"Charisma" is that enigmatic appeal that creates charm and inspires confidence which participants and onlookers alike can't resist but to be attracted to it within the charismatic geniuses out there, by wanting to bask in their presences, get their acquaintances, and hang on to their every word. Such powerful aura would make anybody want to be just like them!

But this raises the question, can you become charismatic if you're not?

Now that can easily lead to the good old born or bred debate of whether charisma is innate or developed. However, charisma is definitely not exclusive to those born, but are characteristic traits you can cultivate in your behaviors to make yourself more charismatic, and here's how.

By taking the "Charisma Express," your destination includes:

- How to establish a powerful presence that is a charismatic person.

- How to make wise decisions like a charismatic person.

- How to support the people around you to be a charismatic person.

- How to act on the bright side of things as a charismatic person.

- How to perform the actions of a charismatic person.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to have charisma.

...and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Crack your shell to reveal your charismatic self now! Say "goodbye" to the old you and "hello" to the new charismatic you!

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May 31
KnowIt Express
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Customer Reviews

Jesse Handley ,

Unattractive cover art but it’s what is on the inside that counts.

This presentation-style book is a mere 58 pages which you can quickly read through on your Kindle. It took me about 25 minutes but the content is what is special here, not the length. Mr. Bryce uses the format of a lecture hall to introduce us to how to be charismatic; first, defining it, describing its benefits and then moves to how we can obtain it. It uses such age-old bits of information that are helpful for everyone. For example, proper body language conveys much more than mere words. Being positive allows you to achieve anything and charismatic people can never be told that they can’t do something or that they should try. They attract people to them because of their words, actions, and what they communicate with their body. Another skill is to divert other people’s negative comments. Included are exercises which attempt to train you to cope with any negative situation. Like they say, practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Situations are listed in Chapter 4 which really make you think, ‘what would I do in this situation?’ Conversations with neighbors, coworkers, grocers, strangers etc. you get to thinking about what you should say. What do you want to get out of this interaction? What do I communicate to achieve this? This method really gets you to analyze yourself and know where to being being more charismatic and positive while conveying that to others.

Mr. Bryce equates charisma with being positive; not letting anything get you down. The world is full of negativity and not everyone is going to agree with you or say positive things. They don’t have your vision and they won’t understand the things you say and do. Bryce explains that this shouldn’t stop you – the negative energy of these contradictions should be diverted so that it doesn’t deter you from being you. Charisma and positivity can be built up through the exercises provided, for example, and you will be a much stronger and attractive person to others. I think this book will help those looking for how to be a more positive force in the world.

JapaneseSakura27 ,

Excellent and practical advice, worth the read!

I was very pleased on how this books gives practical advice on how to increase charisma, by tapping into your inner, natural self. It explains in detail on what charisma means and helps the reader learn what needs to be done in a simple way in order to tap into the Charisma inside of you. I like how it explained how to divert negativity through various of exercises, stances, and speech. The author goes into explaining more about the characteristics people with charisma have and how to achieve these characteristics by using various of techniques that are well-written in the text. This comes in handy for people who are busy in their lives and need something simple and self-explanatory.
Charisma Express, is broken down into parts and these parts are explained in detail in separate chapters. The author was on point when it comes to allowing someone to become more charismatic and breaks it into simple and entertaining steps.

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