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This story is a true story, it happened in the late nineteen eighties and this author was in the middle of it. In nineteen eighty seven there was an unsolved, missing persons case in his town. The authorities were completely baffled, they didn't have any leads and no clues as to what happened to the wife of a man working for the Daily Newspaper. It was a the perfect murder or so the person who done it had thought. At the time I was one of three employees who were close to both parties the man and his wife. Ted was a well liked supervisor although he had a bad temper and often had confrontations with other skilled trades in the company, his supervisor always downplayed it and things seemed to go on normally. Normally I had kept my head down and my nose clean so to speak but the events which followed the disappearance of the woman in question kept bugging me. I'm not physic but somethings about the story didn't add up and the longer time went on the more it seemed to bother me and the rest of our team. No one suspected Ted might have had anything to do with his wife's disappearance, indeed I hoped I was wrong but the next time Ted went out of town I thought proved myself wrong but right as well. After a long talk with Kenny about the week end proceeding Judy disappearing he and I met at the newspaper after work one evening and we removed a steel plate from a sump pit that Ted had put there upon removing it there was an odor that was out of the ordinary. Well at that point we replaced the plate and talked it over, we were pretty sure then that something besides fill was in the [it, perhaps a body.

September 23
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