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“I highly recommend this series!” ~Ian Rankin

The Early Years of soldier-turned-bodyguard Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Fox, back when she was still a self-defence instructor with a motorbike and an attitude. Find out where it all began…
With Foreword by Lee Child

He thought she was an easy target. He was wrong.

Charlie was no good at being the nice girl her parents wanted, so she joined the British Army and acquired a whole new set of skills. And just when she thought she’d found her calling, she was dishonoured, disgraced, discharged.

Now she puts those painful, hard-won lessons to good use, teaching self-defence to battered women. When her work brings her to the attention of a vicious rapist, will those skills be enough to save her—and those she cares about most?

Fear kept people down. Until she helped them make a stand.

Charlie is supposed to be dog-sitting for a friend, not leading the resistance, but what’s a girl to do when the woman’s housing estate turns into an urban battlefield?

With her motorbike on hand and a big dog by her side, Charlie is more than able to take care of herself, until a ghost from her Army past comes calling.
Someone she was trying very hard to forget…

The British Army let her go. Big mistake.

Charlie didn’t really care who shot dead her ex-army comrade during a bodyguard training course in Germany. But when old flame Sean Meyer asks her to go undercover at the elite school and find out what happened, she just can’t refuse.

Keeping her nerve isn’t easy as events bring back fears and memories she’s doing her damndest to overcome. And trying to blend in by playing down her abilities proves a real challenge.

She expected training to be tough, but will she graduate from this school of hard knocks alive?

If you like strong yet believable female protagonists, who will take down the bad guys without hesitation but who are still human enough to care, then Charlie Fox is definitely for you. Readers have found books in this series an action-packed thrill ride that kept them glued to the end, well-written, gritty, and hard to put down. Real page-turners. *Revised and updated editions

Author’s Note:
These are the first three books in the long-running Charlie Fox series. If you want to find out her backstory—how she got back on her feet after being kicked out of the Army, and how she began working again with Sean Meyer—this is where to look. If you’re more interested in Charlie’s career as a close-protection operative, then I’d recommend you begin with Book #4, FIRST DROP, when she and her teenage charge find themselves on the run during her first bodyguard job in Florida.

*“If Jack Reacher were a woman, he’d be Charlie Fox.” ~Lee Child
*“A fast-moving, well written, excellent read.” ~The Bookseller
*“Think of these as the early years of Charlie Fox … your chance to discover Charlie as she discovers herself, her strengths and her weaknesses, and sustains the scars to her body and soul that make her such a unique and compelling character.” ~Lee Goldberg, bestselling US author and TV producer
*“Ill-tempered, aggressive, and borderline psychotic, Fox is also compassionate, introspective, and highly principled…one of the coolest heroines in contemporary mystery fiction.” ~Chicago Tribune
*“Sharp's heroine Charlie Fox has to be one of the best characters in the crime thriller genre.” ~Graham Smith, crimesquad

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July 19
Zoe Sharp
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