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If war may be said to bring out the worst in governments, it frequently brings out the best in people. This is a novel about some of the very best. Some led. Some followed. Some died.

“One of the finest novels yet written about the war in Vietnam.”—The Washington Post

Sergeant David Grady:
Leader of Ranger Team 2-2, the Double Deuce, he was a perfectionist who loved his men, his team, and his Army. For a long time they had been his whole world.

Sarah Boyce: Cold. Beautiful. For all her life, she'd been her whole world. She thought she knew it well. Then, in Vietnam, she was overwhelmed by something that completely confused her. People call it love.

Major John Colven: Commander, Sierra Company, 75th Infantry Airborne Rangers. Promoted up from the ranks during the Vietnam war, he was the perfect C.O. Every man he lost cost him a piece of his soul.

Lieutenant Le Be Son: North Vietnamese Army Regular. He was also a perfectionist who loved his men, his platoon, and his people. He would sacrifice everything to protect his country. He might have to. He's got a date with the Double Deuce.

Charlie Mike may be the greatest war to story to come out of Vietnam. There is something for everyone in Leonard Scott's novel. . . . There's violence and compassion, gore and tenderness, arrogance and humility, friend and foe.”—Columbus Ledger Enquirer

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May 12
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Customer Reviews

Tvtvnhhh ,

An old favorite

I read this in the 1980s. It’s so good that I still remember it in 2020. 12/10, will read again.

Jpmbuell ,

Charlie Mike

Excellent story and well written!

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