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A time-travel story that is both a poignant exploration of human identity and an absorbing tale of suspense.

It’s natural to feel a little out of place when you’re the new girl, but when Charlotte Makepeace wakes up after her first night at boarding school, she’s baffled: everyone thinks she’s a girl called Clare Mobley, and even more shockingly, it seems she has traveled forty years back in time to 1918. In the months to follow, Charlotte wakes alternately in her own time and in Clare’s. And instead of having only one new set of rules to learn, she also has to contend with the unprecedented strangeness of being an entirely new person in an era she knows nothing about. Her teachers think she’s slow, the other girls find her odd, and, as she spends more and more time in 1918, Charlotte starts to wonder if she remembers how to be Charlotte at all. If she doesn’t figure out some way to get back to the world she knows before the end of the term, she might never have another chance.

Young Adult
February 20
New York Review Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

jake-meister ,

A wonderful experience!

This book is by far my most favorite of all time. The moment you begin reading, on the very first page, you're hooked. The characters are great and the detail in which Penelope describes the school, the girls and both timelines is done so in such a way that it makes it an easy read, but with so much depth in all areas. If you do decide to read this, I suggest listening to a song by the band The Cure which is titled same as the book. You won't regret it.

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