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Aviation fans and experienced or aspiring pilots of any age will enjoy these entertaining stories from a successful charter pilot.

Anyone interested in general aviation, its history, and the funny and sometimes-scary adventures of a professional pilot will enjoy Mark Burgess' stories. With wry humor he takes us on his journey from an airplane-happy small-town youth, to certified pilot at age 17, to instructor and inspector of other pilots. He has flown donated organs, fire patrol, the rich and famous, and today is a successful entrepreneur with a rapidly growing company employing nine charter pilots.

This book is part explanation of things you can do in aviation (without getting shot at), part personal story, and a liberal sprinkling of funny tales to give a glimpse into what happens and why in the exclusive world of general aviation.

Through the years Burgess has flown friends, students and clients (many affluent, some athletic, political, distraught and all points in between); transported donated organs to save lives; transferred federal prisoners to penitentiaries; flown fire patrol to protect forests; trained other pilots; sucked birds into jet engines; pursued a “midnight marauder;” narrowly avoided disastrous collisions; followed train derailments; braved life-threatening weather; and endured "hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror!”

In the process he also witnessed escapades of well-known passengers and enjoyed spending other people’s money on luxurious lifestyles including skiing, roaming on motorcycles, deep-sea fishing and remote vacation locations.

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July 15
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Customer Reviews

Steve eye ,

Charter Pilot: Real adventures In Aviation

Fascinating story of how a young flight instructor climbs up the ladder to build flight time and his experiences in various flying positions to become a Charter Pilot and eventually an owner operator ( not what he set out to be).

Written in a humorous style a good read for anyone who wonders what is a charter pilot's real world life style .

Useful tips and insights that can save your life one day .