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In this volume, Life Coach, Nuala Duignan, brings together her considerable experience in the field to provide simple steps any one of us can take, to make our lives richer, more rewarding, more personally fulfilling. She talks about the benefits that Life Coaching has to offer each and everyone of us: opening our eyes to new perspectives; giving us an outcome focus that will help us to conquer our challenges Today!

Our attitude is our window to the world and this book discusses ways that we can banish negative feelings, by harnessing that which is positive in our environment, friendships, relationships, career, etc. One of the tools that she uses to illustrate this is The Wheel of Life. This helps us to understand which areas of our lives are working for us and which areas are out of sync.

Life Coaching originated in United Sates, in 1980’s, as a result of the realisation among therapists that many of their clients did not require therapy as such: rather a more professional support towards directing their future path. Also, it was noted the great success sports coaching was having in the United States. Today, it has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. As well as private individuals, companies are also discovering the positive benefits that Life Coaching offers to employees who avail of the support.

The process of Life Coaching encourages you to take ownership of your life, helps you focus on your strengths and become more self-aware. Stress, worry patterns and other negative habits we pick up are the result of failure to recognise our true vocation ('the work which we were born to do'). Coaching helps you to discover your real passion and find out what you love in life, allowing you to 'choose happiness daily'.

This book is for anyone who wants more out of life; who wants to take control of their own destiny and do 'the job that we were born to do.'

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January 13
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