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Chasing a Conspiracy is a true story pertaining to the author and his maternal and paternal family. It’s an exciting book to read. The manuscript has captivated the attention of twenty proofreaders. It talks about his maternal grandfather who was born after the Civil War in 1865. His nickname was Pi, who was born in Dothan, Alabama. Pi’s parents were successful free slaves. One day, while in the woods, he killed four white thugs in self-defense and fled from the state. Pi was a courageous rebel and was a very talented gifted person. He was a teenager when he fled Alabama and did not ever have contact with his parents. He was afraid to return because of the Klan. That is the beginning of the first conspiracy in this book. He was illiterate but was a genius when it came to wildlife and living in the woods. He became a Jack-of-all-trades. He traveled to Florida and circled back to Georgia. In 1897, he got married to my grandmother who was twelve years old. They resided in the country of Leary, Georgia, which is about forty-five miles east of Dothan, Alabama. My grandmother nick name was Mi, and all of their children had a nickname, which was used in the book. After that incident in the woods, Pi never trusted or liked white folks. He had a bad taste for them, but he gave them utmost respect. However, if one crossed him the wrong way, he was hard to handle. Have an open mind when you read about him, and your mind might just get captivated. All of the characters are interesting to read about.

The book talks about Pompano Beach, Florida, and Blanche Ely High School, which is on the East Coast about twenty miles north of Miami. The school was opened during the segregation era when blacks could not attend school on the white community. It was named after the principal. The town and school are famous and known all over the nation. The late actress and celebrity, Ester Rolle, who played as Florida was from this town. The name of her televised show was Good Times. The professional basketball player, Eddie Jones, was a product of the school and town. The school was nationally known for its sports and academics. During the early 2000, Ely had produced more professional athletes than any school in the nation. They were number one in America. Chasing a Conspiracy relates to the author when he attended school as a gifted student who was a genius in mathematics. He made a perfect score on every math test, and after eighth grade was exempted from taking any math exams. He did not have any mentors. Transcripts reflect that the author was the number one student until his senior year. During his sophomore year as a student, he would be absent from school on Mondays and Fridays. He went to school three days per week and continued to excel on his exams. The principal and dean of boys did not like him and he did not like them. During his senior year, the SAT was given in the library. He missed taking a fourth of the test because of arriving late to school. As a student, he was allowed to take the last three-fourths of the SAT. The principal and dean were happy because he would not make the highest score. The author had taken an academic aptitude test for scholars in Florida and made the highest score among all black students. He was awarded full-time scholarships to Howard University and Morehouse College and chose not to attend college. The last theory is when the principal, dean, and secretary put their pens and paper against the student. It was during his senior year when the student’s grades were changed and falsified to prevent him from becoming the number one student.

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