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Everything has a price . . .

Railway magnate Tom Severin is wealthy and powerful enough to satisfy any desire as soon as it arises. Anything—or anyone—is his for the asking. It should be simple to find the perfect wife—and from his first glimpse of Lady Cassandra Ravenel, he’s determined to have her. But the beautiful and quick-witted Cassandra is equally determined to marry for love—the one thing he can’t give.

Everything except her . . .

Severin is the most compelling and attractive man Cassandra has ever met, even if his heart is frozen. But she has no interest in living in the fast-paced world of a ruthless man who always plays to win.

When a newfound enemy nearly destroys Cassandra’s reputation, Severin seizes the opportunity he’s been waiting for. As always, he gets what he wants—or does he? There’s one lesson Tom Severin has yet to learn from his new bride:

Never underestimate a Ravenel.

The chase for Cassandra’s hand may be over. But the chase for her heart has only just begun . . .

February 18

Customer Reviews

Scubalucas ,

Chasing Cassandra

Always love Lisa’s stories, and enjoy getting peeks at old characters to find out how their lives have progressed after their own story

bustlegirl ,

Lacks the luster of previous books.

The plot struggled to find traction for the first half of the novel. The stakes were low and there was no chemistry, which mirrors my feelings about West and Phoebe’s story too. Even when a plot becomes clear it lacks any real bite. I feel like the problem with this novel and the previous one is that the characters lose a lot of personality and just became “tortured souls”, which is disappointing because these characters were so beautifully developed in previous books. I would have liked to have seen Cassandra act with more assertiveness and energy. Tom was just a whiny and pretentious douche and became interchangeable with every other brooding male lead in the genre. I think it was formulaic, too. This family can’t stop adopting kids; there could have been other plot devices to explore. This novel still contains the author’s lovely prose and eye for detail, as always.


Enchanting and Magical

Just some of the words that describe this Historical Romance.

Well I've been processing and just relishing in the aftermath of finishing this wonderful book. I've been wrestling with how I wanted to write my review for this. I'm going change things up as I don't want to give too much away. So this will be a little different from my normal reviews.

Characters, both were wonderful!!!!!

Tom Severin was complex and evolved into this wonderful character. He's very intelligent, logical and somewhat eccentric. No warm and fuzzies for him. He's very wealthy and creative. People relationships and emotions, foriegn to Tom.

Cassandra was sweet, loving and strong. She had a tender heart and just wanted a family of her own to love (I can so relate to that).Quick side note. I loved that LK wrote a heroine that wanted a normal life as a wife and mother. It's a nice and refreshing change. She also wanted love for herself but was finding that no man she had met really attracted or pulled at her emotions. She loved her family!!! She also had a desire to help those in need.

The story line is well done. We open with how Severin and Cassandra meet. It was so cute and Severin just melted my heart and also made me smile.

We have several "meetings". What I mean is as the story unfolds we have situations were the two are thrown together and what transpires is sweet, heartfelt and romantic.

Without giving too much away I want to say that several touched me.
Severin working on something that malfunctioned and Cassandra helping him. Tender.
The two and their dance can I just say DREAMY and LOVELY and CHEMISTRY!!!
And Severin takes a orphan boy under his wings and a scene when the two of them help the little guy is funny and sweet as well.
Severin being a night in shining armor for Cassandra when she needed him the most. Beautiful!!
Cassandra stands up for Severin against her family. You go girl.
And then the "negotiations" and "contract" the two made for their marriage. Loved that, heart warming and funny.

Okay maybe it was more than several that I shared. But really I loved the development of their relationship. The multi layers of Severin, his thought process and him getting in touch with his feelings was so well done and beautiful too. And Cassandra and her tender and loving heart. Her determination to not settle for anything but love. And how she dealt with Severin and melted his heart was perfect.

I loved the family dynamics and seeing everyone again. Loved the protectiveness of Devin and West. But yet in the end trusted Cassandra as well as seeing the change in Tom.

This was a beautiful end to this series. I found it to be the most romantic and second in line was Marrying Winterborne.

I hope we see another series. The Marsden brood PLEASE!!!

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