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My boots aren't made for walkin' they're made to run . . .

Most like to call me emotionally absent. I'd like to think I'm just smart. Heartache is something I won't have twice. Burn me once, shame on you, but burn me twice, shame on me. Love destroys a person. I decided early on emotional attachments were something I needed to steer clear of. Hookin' up—that's something I can do.

I was raised by the toughest, the emotionally shut off. I was raised by cowboys. Ranch hands and Daddy taught me everything I know.

Since I was old enough to walk I've been one of the boys. I can rope and ride with the best of 'em. I know how to work by the sweat of my brow. I've been drinking grown men under the table since I was sixteen. I can flirt my way into a man's bed with ease. And I push away like a pro. But let him look at me the way he does and nothing makes sense.

Fisher Austin—the college quarterback I met at a Halloween frat party. He tried to kiss me. Football players are off limits. My own personal rule. But every turn he's there. Mutual friends make staying away difficult. He makes me question things. And that's something I hate.

Finals week—home free. Three weeks. Daddy's ranch. A summer that would change everything.

July 31
Charisse Spiers Books
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Customer Reviews

anoken tylwr ,

Great book

Awesome read!!! They’re story is very unique and suspenseful. Loved the message. At first I’ll admit I was a little turned off about how
Promiscuous the women character was but realized it was a reverse of how the men characters are and the women still love and fight for the relationships. Plus the sex I was hot!!!

kwtawalker ,

Chasing Fate

Every now and again a book comes along that you don’t want to end, but you can’t put down. These characters hook you so fast, you just know the book will is going to be awesome. This book is not all about sex with no real story...it is sumptuous, it is hot, it will make you laugh at out and cry. Every character in this book is well thought out. I am an avid reader, and I can tell within the first few pages whether a book is going to be awesome or fizzle out, and I will quickly quit reading if it doesn’t snag me from the start. Obviously, this author knows she has to grab her audience right away. This is a talent. Often, individuals simply summarize a book on their reviews, but I believe in letting a reader as well as the artist know how a book made me feel....key word. If your read a book and feel nothing, it was a waste of time. Artists need feedback and praise for the work they put into developing their characters, their scenes, and their storyline. This book hits every note. Not even once did it slow down. Some authors believe they can achieve this simply by describing in minute detail...yeah, already bored. I could actually visualize every single scene, and it didn’t take 20 pages to get there. Folks, this is TRUE TALENT. Hope to see more of this. Thank you Ms. Spiers for sharing you imagination and art.

Missb1235 ,

Too long

You could cut 1/3 of this book out and it would be so much better! Still follows the usual plot line however does not need the repeated backstory of the female main character. For a free read - it’s ok!

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