Chasing Fire #2 The Submissive

Chasing Fire, no. 2

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Publisher Description

For the first time in weeks, Isabella Lupton feels safe. With the confident and assured billionaire Nick Pacelli to protect her, how could she not?

With each passing day Nick challenges Isabella's sexual boundaries, introducing her to a world of pleasure that she had only read about and never dreamed she would enjoy being part of.

But will Nick push her too far?


Turning her attention away from the new couple, Isabella looked over at Nick to find him watching her. “What club?”
“It really doesn’t have a name,” Nick began, rubbing his thumb over her hand as he held it. “It’s more like a gathering place for men like William and I who own property on the island. It is somewhere we can enjoy ourselves without having to worry about anyone talking about our business. I’ll take you there soon so you can see it.”
“She will have to sign the release first,” William reminded.
“I know that,” Nick said with a nod of his head. “It won’t be a problem.”
Isabella read between the lines, figuring out what he didn’t say. There was a sex club on the island, where the rich and powerful played together and ensured them privacy to do so without the world knowing. Her stomach fluttered, not in excitement, but with jealousy at the thought of Nick being with other woman at this club of his.
Had he had sex with the red-headed witch watching him across the table?
As if seeing a way to strike at her, the red-head smiled at her in silent triumph. “The club is such a wonderful place. We always have so much fun there.”
William chuckled as he ran a hand down the red-head’s arm. “I don’t remember giving you permission to speak.”
Jennifer’s head bowed. “I’m sorry, Master.”
“I will let it go…this time. We’re here to show Nick’s woman the pleasures that can be found in our kind of alternative relationship, after all. You may speak freely while we are here.”
“Thank you, Master.”
“Jennifer is William’s sub,” Nick explained. “He enjoys total control of the women he is with.”
“I do. For me, there is a sexual rush to having a woman under my control. The relationship is mutually satisfying, of course. My subs know they can depend on me to take care of them while they are with me. In exchange, they fulfill my every desire. I like to have what I want, when I want it.”
William looked at Isabella as if he were imagining what she looked like beneath her dress. It made her incredibly uncomfortable, and Nick must have sensed it.
“Careful.” Nick calm voice belied the anger she could almost feel pumping off of him. It made her feel better knowing that Nick didn’t like William looking at her like that or the fact he was making her uncomfortable.
“Sorry, Nick. It is hard not to look at such beauty, though.” He sent Isabella an easy smile. “Nick is extremely possessive of you. I can see why. I, on the other hand, like to control my possessions, but I also like to watch others…make use of them.”
Isabella felt slightly uncomfortable at his reference of woman being possessions instead of real people. Was this what Nick wanted from her?

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September 23
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