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Chasing God is Roger Huang's gritty, heartfelt story of obedience to God's call to follow Him into the heart of the city. That mission can inspire you! Leaving behind his abusive home in Taiwan, Roger  discovered both the American Dream and his French bride, Maite. A dramatic event took place before his very eyes and prompted Roger to rethink his future and his calling. As a couple, Roger and Maite chose not to ignore the plight of the poor and homeless in San Francisco's most impoverished district, the Tenderloin. Since founding City Impact, Roger has led many in discovering the power of prayer, fasting, and serving hands-on in a community starved for hope. Chasing God is a testimony to God's miraculous provision and will challenge you to consider how to serve and care for your own city and community.

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September 1
David C Cook
David C Cook

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Red Wave Rocker ,

MUST READ! Testifies to Reality of Christ(ian) Church in America Today

Chasing God is a MUST read for both Christ(ians) believers and non-Christian Skeptics. Chasing God is about reality of the living Christ(ian) Church not about Theo(ology)(ry). This is a book about lives being changed right here in our time, right here in one of our great cities and its diverse suburbs. One can debate the existence and role of God or the Salvation taught by Jesus but no one can debate the "miraculous" reality of Pastor Roger Huang journey in helping the poor, lost, lonely and hurting in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin.

This is a page-turner. Again whether you are a believer or a skeptic, the narrative is compellingly told humbly (amazingly so given all that has occurred) and frankly, in a style that lets the power of each chapter's challenge and result resonate self evidently in the reader. Co-Author, Susanna Foth Aughtmon does a beautiful job of painting the scenes in a refreshingly clear and sharp way without being forced.

This is one of those change your life books in that you will see a seemingly unexplainable goodness (and power) that comes from believing and living in the name of Jesus - that can get lost in today's media/cultural declarations of what the Church is, or for that matter, how believers find themselves doing Church. Chasing God is THE Church today in all of its Glory, in all of its Power, in all that is was always meant to be. This is a narrative in the truest sense in that it speaks to the undeniable reality of Christ's Church in our midst. One can question God or Jesus or miracles. No one can question the reality of what has happened in the lives and streets of Chasing God. READ IT!