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Music is his passion. It’s in his blood. Yet, Quinn James isn’t sure if stardom is right for him. His family wants him to join a band, and follow in his father’s footsteps but fear holds him back. He can’t explain it, and when he tries, no one understands what he’s afraid of or why he’s content playing coffee shop gigs where no one knows him.


Eleanora Boone wants to live her life, not the one her very southern parents planned for her, which is why she chose a college thousands of miles away. Now she’s faced with returning home or doing something that would defy her family. When an opportunity to visit Los Angeles falls in her lap, she uses it to become someone different.


California is everything Eleanora thought it would be, and even more so when she meets Quinn, the shy, reserved and brooding musician who’s the complete opposite of the guys she’s used to back home.  

For the first time, Quinn’s smitten. The new, mysterious waitress has him wrapped around her finger, and he finds that he is finally able to open up and trust someone outside of his family circle.  

But living a different life comes with its risks, and for Eleanora, that risk is a secret that has the power to destroy both of them.

October 9
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Heidi McLaughlin

Customer Reviews

HalGrace ,


Soooo good!!! please tell me she plans on writing a follow up about Eden davis??? I would love to see more of jenna and jimmy and to know more about her!!!

apres ,

Loved Quinn as a Grown Up!

So, so unbelievably good!! Y’all thought Harrison was a dream?! Yeah well he taught his boy good! Quinn James was all I had hoped he would be. So swoony good. Loved he and Nola together. Two people trying to find their way, and finding something so right in the other. There is angst for sure. There is connection and attraction and passion. Their individual struggles are as much a part of who they are as a couple as anything.

So many special moments, with Harrison and Katelyn as well as Liam being the wise uncle (talk about swoony goodness!). Gah! You want this book! Need to know this story! All I can say is Yes!! Yes you need Quinn James in your life! Yes he’s so much Harrison’s son! Yes Nola is a pretty awesome girl! Yes you need to add this to your tbr list!! Yes Heidi McLaughlin is continuing all the things I loved about her Beaumont Series into this Next Generation!! ♥️♥️

Labanah ,

Would love to give it 5* but...

I’m left with an ‘unfinished’ feeling. I was loving Quinn and Eleanora’ story, but I felt like the ending was rushed, like if the author ran out of time and needed to wrap it up quickly. I hope the upcoming novella will bring a sense of ‘epilogue‘ to the story, because I really like Heidi’s books.

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