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When firefighter Connor Mahoney decides to run for mayor, he’s confident of victory because of his brilliant idea to put Frank, a local canine hero who saved a drowning child, on the ticket with him. Then Connor gets some unwanted help from the Dogmothers, who think a pretty new arrival from Washington DC would make a perfect campaign manager for their highly-eligible bachelor grandson. Connor might like the idea of working with gorgeous Sadie Hartman, but she's doing her best to keep him at arm's length.

Disillusioned by politics after her DC experience, Sadie doesn’t want the job, no matter how smoking hot the sexy firefighter is, or how much his sweet grannies push their matchmaking plan. But then Sadie learns that the race has another candidate—a man who was instrumental in wrecking her family. Uncertain the “dog and firefighter” ticket can win, Sadie launches her own campaign to be mayor of Bitter Bark.

But everyone is in for a big surprise when a two-hundred year-old law is unearthed to upend the entire election. The only way for Sadie or Connor to save the town from a terrible mayor is to join forces in a way no one is expecting. As Sadie and Connor discover that the best part of running against each other is literally being against each other, it doesn’t take long to realize that sometimes winning the race means losing your heart.

The Dogmothers – a spinoff series from the popular “Dogfather” books

Hot Under the Collar - Book one

Three Dog Night - Book two

Dachshund Through the Snow - Book three

Chasing Tail - Book four

And more to come!

Just like The Dogfather books, the covers of The Dogmothers series were all photographed at Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida, using rescue dogs from the shelter and “local heroes” as models. A portion of book sales is donated to that amazing organization.

March 10
South Street Publishing
Roxanne St. Claire

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ReadingOverTV2 ,

Chasing Tail by Roxanne St Claire

Chasing Tail by Roxanne St Claire

Book 4 of The Dogmothers series. Contemporary romance. Can be read as a stand-alone. Pretend engagement troupe.

Lovely, heartwarming and lots of stirring of the emotions. This author does a great job of getting you to like the characters and and family dynamics. And loving their pets!

An introduction to Frank, the main dog in this story. Excerpt:
“Frank didn’t exactly love campaigning. But he was a smart dog and a quick study who learned that letting strangers pet him always earned a treat. If he swished his tail and didn’t back away and growl, he got two. And if he posed for a selfie with his constituents, Connor brought out a Beggin’ Strip, and a dog who’d spent God knew how much time alone in the woods would literally sell his soul for some fake bacon.”
Excerpt From Chasing Tail by Roxanne St. Claire

BBQ griller ,

Incredible Love Story That Has It All - A Dog & Cat

Another incredible tale about love, matchmaking, dogs and big families! I had the honor of reading an ARC of Chasing Tail by Roxanne St. Claire, her third book in Th Dogmothers series for an honest review. All I can say is that I am not sure how she does it, but I truly loved every page and could not put it down. Each book gets better and better, and Chasing Tail is filled with so much emotion, that you better have Kleenex near by. Chasing Tail is filled with all those things that we have come to love and expect in a Roxanne St. Claire tale. It is filled with poignant and bittersweet moments, and many surprise plot twists, and once again proves that Rocki is a master storyteller. My favorite part of The Dogfather and The Dogmothers series is the sage advice that Roxanne always intersperses throughout the story from Gramma Finnie, Daniel and Annie Killcannon, and now Captain Joe Mahoney, the late patriarch of the Mahoney family. I loved Joe's famous quotes and how they have shaped the lives of his sons. Reading Chasing Tail felt like going home, as does all the books in the series. I love catching up with all the Killcannons, Santorinis and Mahoneys. It feels like a family reunion in every book. Chasing Tail is the story of Connor Mahoney, super "hot" firefighter and EMT of the Bitter Bark Fire Department, and second oldest Mahoney child and Mercedes "Sadie" Hartman, former assistant to a Texas Congresswoman. Sadie has recently returned to Bitter Bark, with her cat Demi, from Washington, DC where she has worked since graduating from college. Sadie ran away after a bad break up with her boyfriend, Nathan Lawrence. The Dogmothers think that Sadie is the perfect match for Connor and suggest that she take on the role of campaign manager, since Connor, actually his dog Frank, is running for mayor. Unfortunately, Sadie finds out who the other candidate running for mayor is Mitch Easterbrook. Sadie, and most of Bitter Bark has had a negative encounter with Mitch and she cannot support him for mayor. So the Dogmothers' plan for Connor backfires, or does it. In order to run for mayor, Sadie and Connor must pretend to be "betrothed" to each other, because of some law regarding the marital status of candidates running for mayor. Who doesn't treasure a "fake fiance" romance, and I love how Pru inadvertently put the idea in Connor's head. While pretending to be "fake fiances" Connor and Sadie's relationship changes and they start to have feelings for each other, but will the sudden appearance of Sadie's ex-boyfriend and former boss, change things for Connor and Sadie. I love the stories behind the naming of Connor's dog, Frank and Sadie's cat, Demi and the nicknames that Connor and Sadie have for each other, and how the meaning of those nicknames changes. Lots of laughs were shared between Connor and Sadie and it truly made their story and their romance memorable. My favorite part of their story was when Sadie recalls her chance encounter with Joe Mahoney, have your Kleenex ready. Roxanne has once again delivered a lovely tale that includes "fake fiances", love, laughter, dogs, cats, big families, Dogmother grannies, and a happily ever after. I truly loved every page. Cannot wait for John Santorini's story and discover who the Dogmothers' will find for him.

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