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Gold Winner (YA Fiction General) 2020 -- Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

Quarter-Finalist (MG-YA) 2020 -- BookLife Prize

The new boy. The quiet girl. Will they find love during the solar eclipse?


Starting at a new school senior year sucks. Moving across Oregon to live with my mom after my dad died is worse. But I refuse to miss the total solar eclipse at the end of summer. Dad and I looked forward to it for as long as I can remember, so when my only friend in my new town invites me on a school camping trip to watch it, I’m there.

And only 67% of my wanting to go is because of Sage, the quiet girl on the group text my friend started. She gets my jokes, doesn’t mind when I geek out about the eclipse, and for the first time in months, I’m looking forward to something..


When my controlling ex broke up with me at the end of junior year, I thought my only chance at love was over. But then Neb moved to town and what started as a casual text conversation turned into something that made me believe that maybe I’m not as damaged as I thought.

My self-help-loving best friend is dragging me on “the path of self-healing” — a path that apparently includes camping with twenty classmates to see the solar eclipse. And Neb, the boy I’ve never seen but whose silly space jokes turn my insides to mush, will be there. But when we finally meet in person, another girl stakes her claim on him. Do I run the other way to save my heart, or risk it all for a chance at happiness with this space boy?

Book one in the Campfire Series, Chasing the Sun, is a lighthearted romance with space puns, Portland shenanigans, and enough feels to totally eclipse your heart.

Young Adult
August 11
Left-Handed Mitten Publications
Melanie Swiftney

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