Cheating Death

The New Science of Living Longer and Better

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Publisher Description

For the first time outside his private clinic, medical practitioner and pioneer Dr. Rand McClain shares what you can start doing today to increase longevity and better your health—at home or at your doctor’s office.

In this golden age of medical discovery, cutting-edge treatments are emerging that increase longevity, stave off disease, and enhance our appearance and quality of life—our “healthspan.” But chances are, these advances are not readily available at most doctor’s offices, in stores, or easy to find online.
Dr. Rand McClain takes a fresh approach to genetics, natural aging, and proactive medical treatments. He is the founder and head of the renowned Regenerative and Sports Medicine Clinic in Santa Monica, a leading practitioner of alternative and cutting-edge treatments. In Cheating Death, McClain shares the best drugs and supplements, treatment methods, and devices—approaches that are backed by extensive research as well as Dr. McClain’s own work with his patients—including:  

Little-known treatments that can reverse the effects of new and old injuries Emergent diagnostic and screening technologies that detect early onset disease soonerBreakthrough methods (some DIY) to slow down or reverse aging in the bodySteps you can take now to enhance gene expression and side-step your “sins of the past” and poor family genetics 
Best of all, McClain shows how you can get access to these therapies and jumpstart your body’s regenerative processes—everything from stabilizing mood swings, relieving depression and anxiety, extending hormone balance and sexual function, improving muscle strength and stamina, relieving debilitating pain, and restoring a youthful appearance. 
There’s no question that traditional medicine saves lives, but it has its limitations: Doctors and institutions often don’t explore promising options outside of their own areas of expertise. Some dismiss anything that falls outside of what they consider “legitimate,” from non-Western medicines to plant-based therapies to new technologies. Others don’t stray from treatments that insurance will cover. And many simply can’t make time to keep up with the mountains of research around health innovations. The reality is that researchers around the globe are taking the first steps toward a revolution in healthcare, but so far treatments have been limited to a select few with access to them. 

Bolstered with research and recovery stories from real people, Cheating Death gives readers the tools to live healthier, longer lives.

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March 7
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