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Nikki and Kenny have been going far too fast, for far too long.

Nikki needs a break. You would think the month she just spent away from her family was a break, but Kenny wasn’t with her. You can’t call it a break when you are trying to save your family and the man you love.

Kenny needs a break. Nikki scared the hell out of him last month when she ran away. Trying to find her took every ounce of energy he had. Now that she’s back it’s time for him to run away. Preferably with the woman he loves.

Unfortunately taking that break may prove to be just as difficult to accomplish as any of the missions they’ve been on to date. The business needs them. The FBI needs them. Mike needs them. And of course Homeland Security can call at any minute.

When they find out the FBI case, a missing eleven year old girl, and Mike’s case, also a missing eleven year old girl, overlap, they have no choice but to put their break on hold again. Disappointment peaks in Kenny and Nikki as they give it their all to find the missing girls. Silent frustration pushes one over the edge as they go from one mission to another.

Will they be able to survive when they dismiss what they need to do for what they have to do? Will the frustration that builds in each of them as they try to find the girls push one or both of them to a point of no return? Can one pull the other back so the break they so desperately need will become reality?

January 15
Juliann Vatalaro
Smashwords, Inc.

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