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This book enables the reader to learn, in a single volume, equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermodynamics as well as generalized forms of hydrodynamics for linear and nonlinear processes applied to various hydrodynamic flow processes — including chemical oscillation phenomena and pattern formations, shock wave phenomena, sound wave propagations, and Liesegang pattern formation, amongst others.

Chemical Thermodynamics introduces advanced undergraduate students and graduate students to the fundamental ideas and notions of the first and second laws of thermodynamics by seamlessly combining equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermodynamics in a unicameral viewpoint based on the first and second law of thermodynamics. Part I of the book discusses equilibrium thermodynamics in historical deference, covering topics generally dealt with in traditional equilibrium thermodynamics. In Part II, the concept of entropy for reversible processes is extended and developed for thermodynamics of irreversible processes by using the concept of calortropy (heat evolution), so that the mathematical theory of macroscopic processes in matter, including a generalized form of hydrodynamics, is ensured to remain consistent with the thermodynamic laws.
Contents: IntroductionThermodynamics of Reversible Processes — Equilibrium Thermodynamics:Temperature, Work, and HeatThe First Law of ThermodynamicsThe Second Law of ThermodynamicsEquilibrium Conditions and Thermodynamic StabilityThe Third Law of ThermodynamicsThermodynamics of Mixtures and Open SystemsHeterogeneous EquilibriaThermodynamics of Real FluidsCanonical Equation of StateThermodynamics of Real Gas MixturesChemical EquilibriaThermodynamics of SolutionsThermodynamics of SurfacesElectrolyte SolutionsDebye–Hückel Theory of Strong Electrolyte SolutionsGalvanic Cells and Other Classes of CellsThermodynamics of Electric and Magnetic FieldsThermodynamics of Irreversible Processes — Irreversible Thermodynamics:Thermodynamics of Nonequilibrium ProcessesLinear Irreversible ThermodynamicsNonlinear Irreversible ProcessesOscillatory Structures in Nonlinear SystemsAppendices:The Second Virial Coefficient of Lennard-Jones FluidsVarious Coefficients Used in Chapter 10Local Form of Energy Conservation Law
Readership: Suitable as a chemistry textbook for undergraduates and graduates, and also as a reference source to physical chemistry researchers and chemical engineers.
Keywords:Equilibrium Thermodynamics;Irreversible Thermodynamics;Nonlinear Irreversible Thermodynamics;Thermodynamics of Systems Far Removed from EquilibriumReview:
"The book is distinctive in a number of ways [and] goes beyond what is contained in most books that address this subject. All in all, I found the book most stimulating. Graduate students requiring a deeper understanding of the subject and academics with an interest in thermodynamics [will find] the book a very welcome addition to their library."
Sir Brian Smith
Former Master of St Catherine's College, Oxford, UK;
Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, UK


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March 9
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