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It was supposed to be for fun. But his kiss said forever…

Ben Heston followed his job from California to Mercury, North Carolina after his boss fell head over heels, crazy in love. Ben welcomes the change at first, still reeling from a bad breakup. The move is meant to be temporary. That is, until he meets Tripp Lanier.

Tripp was born and raised in Mercury. His family owns a local construction business and he’s next in line to take over. But as much as he loves his family and his job and his little hometown, there’s something missing in his life. When he meets Ben, he realizes what that something is.

Tripp is ready to embrace his newfound sexuality with the object of his desire. Ben, not so much, because he doesn’t believe Tripp is really gay. But Ben can’t resist the chemistry that explodes between them whenever they’re together.

Ben begins to love all the things Tripp loves about Mercury: night trains and tall trees, family, friends and sweet Cherry pop.  Just when Ben begins to think he might be Tripp’s Mr. Right his past comes calling and old hurts and new fears might be the one thing that could keep them apart. 

Warning: Contains Good Old Boys, NASCAR references, a reluctant computer programmer, an enthusiastic gay virgin and gallons of sweet cherry pop. 9 out of 10 dentists agree it could be dangerously romantic.

April 19
SK Publishing LLC
Nancy Kattenfeld

Customer Reviews

ButtonsMom2003 ,

I want more stories for this series!

I am a huge fan of books by Samantha Kane. I’ve read nearly everything she’s had published. Her characters are fascinating and her story telling is superb. She makes me wish that her fictional towns and characters were real.

Cherry Pop is the third story in the Mercury Rising series. It’s a standalone book but you might enjoy it a little more if you read books one and two first. Characters from those books also make an appearance in this one.

Ben and Tripp hit it off as friends but there’s a spark that bothers Ben. He knows that Tripp is straight but he just can’t seem to help being attracted to him. Ben forces himself to treat Tripp as just a friend even when Tripp seems to be openly flirting with him.

Tripp has never had feelings for a guy before but the things he feels around Ben are different from anything he’s ever felt for a woman. There’s just one problem – Ben won’t acknowledge Tripp’s feelings or admit that he feels something for Tripp; he thinks that Tripp is just playing at being gay. Ben doesn’t want to be an experiment for Tripp.

I loved the first two books in this series but this one is my favorite. There are a lot of humorous passages in this story which is something I don’t remember in other books by Samantha Kane. The added humor is fantastic and just right to help balance out the more serious aspects of Ben and Tripp’s relationship.

This story had me laughing out loud in places to the point that my husband asked me to read to him so he could know what was so funny. In addition to the humor, Cherry Pop is also a very touching story about Ben, whose first relationship was a disaster, and about Tripp who has never had a serious relationship at all. Tripp just knows that he wants Ben and has a hard time understanding why Ben keeps pushing him away.

I sure hope Ms. Kane has additional stories coming in this series. She has created a wonderful town in North Carolina, with wonderful characters, and I want to visit there again and again.

I did not receive an ARC of this story.

Stanhop3234 ,

Loved it!

I loved this book. I really liked Bens's character from the last book but Tripp and his friends and family made this book. Some of the conversation between Tripp and his friend Luke were hilarious. This book had just about everything a book should have. Hot sexy time, great emotional conflict and some of the best dialogue.
Tripp knew the minute he saw Ben he was the one. Ben, well he was afraid of the feelings he had and knew they couldn't be true. Samantha Kane brings in such a good issue in this book and it's really something to think about. Emotions run high in this book but the relationships and chemistry and banter balance it out. I highly recommend this series.

*Book Obsessed Chicks Review team

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