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Life isn’t a fairytale – or chick lit.

It’s 2005 and Katy Sinclaire is two years out of college. She still lives with her old university roommate and still works at the same bookstore that she’s been with since she was a teenager. She spends her days avoiding customers, making fun of the books in the store, and counting the minutes until she can clock out. It is an increasingly unsatisfying life, but it’s also a life that she does not question. That is, until a chain of events forces Katy to confront the painful truth: she is going absolutely, positively, nowhere in life. She realizes that she needs to do something, and now.

Only one problem: Katy has absolutely, positively, no idea what the first step should be.

The other problem? From her harebrained misadventures, to her chisel-jawed boyfriend, to her best guy friend (who is not-so-secretly in love with her), Katy’s life starts mimicking the very chick literature she mocks. Only life isn’t as predictable as a storybook, a lesson Katy is forced to learn as she desperately tries to figure out her purpose in life – if such a purpose even exists.

Fiction & Literature
September 16
Abby Rose Writing
Abigail Rosmarin

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I enjoy books with lots of character interactions and clever banter, and Chick Lit provides both. The story line is refreshing as we follow the main character Katy while she matures into a confident and proactive young woman.

I think a lot of readers will be able to relate to Katy's issues that start with comparing her successes in life (or perceived lack thereof) to that of a frenemy. Katy's decisions and attitude while trying to figure out what she "should" do are imperfect and realistic for a 20something year old. This book teaches the valuable lesson that you don't have to define yourself by your career or relationships while alluding to the "women's literature" tropes that irritate Katy and amuse the reader.

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