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Essential reading for any parent who wants to protect their child's soul, or for anyone who has suffered from physical or psychological abuse. The author begins by outlining the categories of child abuse, before going on to provide a comprehensive yet succinctly written overview of the effects, consequences and rehabilitation techniques. Problem solving mechanisms from both preventative and post-abuse perspectives are provided using secular terminology with Biblical perspectives. In this way the author presents practical applications which give hope to parents and victims - and a stern warning to perpetrators.

December 1
Max Klein
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ryleh Carter ,

This book is sick. Look elsewhere for healing.

This book is full of the authors own personal opinions. This is not a good book to read if you have suffered from abuse. He says children are sinful and prone to arrogance. That's not what you want to hear when you've been abused. Heaven forbid you let your children watch science fiction shows because you are damaging their little brains so they can't tell reality from fantasy and right from wrong. Parents are abusing their children if they don't teach them Christianity. The kicker though, is that he claims that almighty god will spare the abused trauma or he will take their lives before they reach the age of accountability. That's a pretty twisted thing to say, as a lot of survivors (even believers!) still suffer from the trauma they endured. Children die from abuse and neglect and that is MURDER, not release from a supreme creator. I'm pretty sure this guy is a preacher who wanted to write a book so he did some light googling, mixed it with some Bible verses and then mashed it up with his own ignorant opinions. I was excited to find a free book to help me, but this is definitely not it.

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